About those Bulls

We’re six games into the 2018-2019 regular season, and it’s taken me this long to muster up the courage to write my first Bulls Banter blog.

I had to wait until leading with a knock knock joke wasn’t necessary.

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Owen who?”

“Oh and 1 Oh and 2 Oh and 3.”

With wins home against Charlotte and on the road the against the Hawks, the Bulls finally got on the board, so joke not needed.

But I wouldn’t say that sitting at 12th place in the East with a 2-4 record is anything to brag about. Instead, it’s time to let the excuses begin – to explain the rather slow start, and the Bulls’ uninspiring play in general.

Four guys are on the shelf with injuries – “The Finnisher” Lauri Markkanen; Kris Dunn, their best defender; Denzel Valentine, a high-energy guy; and sixth man “Crazy Eyes” Bobby Portis.

Or the age thing could always work. The Bulls have the second youngest team in the league.

And then there’s the coach. Fred Hoiberg (who shall be known as Fredberg from this time forward) – he’s just so blah, boring and unenthusiastic. I’d rather watch paint dry. And I’d rather see my Bulls win.

However, we’re going to have to find ways to be encouraged about the season. The Bulls have got two high-quality, talented rookies – Wendell Carter, Jr. (WCJ), a center who is starting over Robin Lopez (RoLo) and Chandler Hutchison, a small forward, who is also now starting since Bobby Portis got injured.

And Zach LaVine, acquired from the Timberwolves in the Jimmy Butler (JB) trade is showing his superstar potential. He’s averaging 30 points per game and 9 free throw attempts per game, and he’s not a drama-inducing prima donna like JB.

So let’s try to remain positive, and find comfort in the fact that despite the Bulls having their hands full with the Warriors visiting the UC on Monday, rumor has it that one Joakim Noah is expected to attend. Anything to distract from what could be a long night trying to contain Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and company.

As I’ve said many times before – thank goodness for Joakim.

*Joke courtesy of the Mully & Haugh show on 670 The Score.




The Biggest News in Basketball – It Might Surprise You

If you want to get the call from Thibs – you’ve got to practice. #StayReady #TimberBulls

The author of Bulls Banter was so busy prepping for her Maui vacation, and then so busy vacationing in Maui, and then swamped at work trying to catch up from being away — that it’s been more than a month since the world enjoyed the banterings of the Bulls’ #1 fan.

What’s struck me since I’ve been back is all that’s happened in the basketball world.

Jimmy Butler is out for the season or most of the season.

Derrick Rose re-joined Thibs in Minnesota.

Kevin Ollie gets fired at the head coach of UConn.

The Bulls won a game (maybe two?). I know they managed to beat their basement dweller rivals the Grizzles the other night — by one point! Way to go Bulls.

The bounce pass is getting a lot of play lately, with Cubs pitcher Jon Lester employing the least popular of basketball passes – in baseball. Since he is incapable of throwing to first base, he’s now using what he calls “The Jordan-to-Pippen” bounce pass.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hasn’t yet cancelled tonight’s Bulls vs. Cavs game scheduled to take place at the United Center — this could be the most unexpected basketball news of late.

The game is sure to be hazardous to the health of anyone who attends/watches, and is sure to lead to more 911 calls than the St. Patrick’s Day revelers who have been out on the town since 6 a.m.

It looks like the Cavs won’t be able to sit LeBron, because they only have about eight other players available. And the Bulls will be missing Markkanen, Dunn, LaVine and a few others.

In the world of college basketball and the NCAA Tournament, Chicago is abuzz with the latest Cinderella story – the Loyola Ramblers.

And to top the list – the fact that Thibs hasn’t yet reached out to Cinjo to ask her to join the TimberBulls in Minnesota is the most surprising basketball news of all. #TimberBulls #StayReady.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the (evil) Cavs.

The Homecoming

My favorite Bulls

It’s been quiet here in the land of the Bulls. The games as of late have been uninspiring, and with the west coast trip, who can make it to the final buzzer anyway?

Not sure who’s counting, but I believe they’re up to seven losses in a row.

But hope springs. Tonight is THE night – the BIG night. The homecoming, the return of my favorite Bulls – Tom Thibodeau and Taj Gibson, as the Timberwolves take on the Bulls at the United Center. Jimmy Butler – not so much.

That is, unless JB magically transforms himself into the humble, try-hard kid who made Tomball Texas proud when he entered the league. If he remains the prima donna who is too big for his britches, no worries…I’ll be too busy watching Thibs stalk the sidelines anyway.

And turn up the volume, because we can expect the animated rants, lots of unsavory language, and all-around antics from my was-to-be future husband (um, yup, that’s Thibs).

You’ve likely heard about yesterday’s NBA trade deadline madness. DRose sent to Utah by LeBron. But rumor has it he never made it out west for all that Jazz, and is back in CHI with his family. We could really get the gang back together if he shows up at UC for the game.

And it’s been said DRose may re-join Thibs and co. in Minnesota once Utah cuts him.

The Bulls Banter re-branding – to Timberwolves Talk is closer than you think.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Timberwolves (maybe?)

That’s Entertainment

So the Bulls manage to beat the New York Knicks this week – in double overtime. It was back to Friday Night Fights at MSG, just on Wednesday.

The Fabulous Finn, aka The Finnisher set about five zillion NBA and NBA rookie records.

New records were also set in the world of Bulls Banter, where this author managed to stay awake for the entire game.

So there’s a Scandinavian trend here. And it seems that Nordics from near and far are getting Running with our Bulls.

Even the Bulls’ #1 fan hailing from Brooklyn, NY and making her home in Orange, CT – Betty “Bette Dog” Olsen (of Norwegian descent, and also my Mom) is into this unexpected Bulls’ entertainment — as evidenced by the photo.

Betty “Bette Dog” Olsen – Bulls #1 fan from Orange, CT. And also my Mom.

And it will only get better from here. Saturday, the “centerpiece” of the Jimmy Butler trade – high-flying dunkmaster Zach LaVine makes his Bulls debut.

But Niko has been “fighting the flu” (the Bulls are trying to trade him and don’t want him to bust an ankle, so the illness seems to linger on). We’ll likely bid him a fond farewell on Monday, when he is expected to be traded to the Jazz, Pistons, Blazers or Knicks.

Only concern now is the Bulls might be “too good,” and risk falling out of contention for one of the top lottery picks.

But at least let us enjoy a few games without dozing, give us the opportunity to show off our 90s Bulls jackets, and claim That’s Entertainment.

There’s always the second half of the season to re-claim one of the worst records in the league.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Pistons.


Bulls take names, set records

The Bulls are on a five-game win streak. Who? What? Where?

Those Bulls? Our Bulls. You heard it here. They’ve defeated the Hornets, Celtics, Knicks, Jazz and Bucks.

They hold the record for the longest win streak in the Eastern Conference, with those other guys (Cavs) and surprisingly, the lovable losers (Knicks) right behind them with four-game win streaks.

And they’re doing this all with names with which you might not be familiar.

First try David Nwaba, coming off the bench – and making Nate Robinson look like an excuse for an Energizer Bunny.

I, for one, hope no one else in the league figures out who Nwaba is and what he’s all about because then they’ll start game planning for him. Anyone who is not an NBA coach, scout or player is invited to read Nwaba’s self-penned article from the Players’ Tribune, Who in the World Is David Nwaba?

And the five-game win streak is actually burying the lead.

The headline is – the Bulls are setting records now. And in a good way. No NBA team has ever lost 10 straight and then come back to win five in a row.

I guess it’s time to DVR a few games – and then actually watch them. I heard the Niko and Bobby Portis show is must-see-TV. They’ve transferred their dislike for one another intro productive energy on the court.

“I can’t say enough about how well those two have played with each other on the floor,” coach Fred Hoiberg said. They have showed great chemistry.”Bobby Portis

But don’t expect to see them grabbing a steak dinner at Gibson’s anytime soon. According to Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune, Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis only speak to each other on the court.

So while we can all lament the fact that the Bulls won’t be setting our Christmas Day agenda in 2017 (first time since 2009 since they were left off the Christmas Day lineup), we can be thankful for small Christmas Bulls miracles.

Yours and my Bulls are taking the league by storm with their unexpected five-game win streak, and they’re doing it behind players none of us envisioned. The prospect of a #1 draft pick is not quite as clear as it used to be.

And the likes of the human highlight reel – Zach LaVine is waiting in the wings to take flight in January.

We all better re-learn how to spell playoffs.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the 76ers.

5 Things to Know about the 2017-2018 Bulls

It’s the 2017-2018 season, and the Bulls  are right where we expected them to be. Five games in, they’ve lost four and won one. So, they’re on track to win about 20 and lose the other 62.

With five games to assess, I thought it was a good time to reveal five things you should know about our Bulls.

ONE: Lauri Markkanen (The Finnisher)

The Finnisher is gonna be good. He gave the Cavs a scare in the first half earlier this week. I guess there’s no time to read the scouting report when you’re “that other guy,” or his supporting cast. Basically, the Cavs players forgot to guard Markkanen.

He got about a zillion threes (OK, he actually made five three-pointers), and for a minute, it seemed like the Bulls could actually win the game. Silly me. I guess that’s what halftime is for. To adjust the game plan. The Cavs knew who Markkanen was by Q3 and Q4, found a way to contain him, and the Bulls lost in the end.

But there is reason to be encouraged about the rook, aka the Finnisher, the Finnish Mamba, the Markksman. Now all the Bulls need to do is to add Cinjo – the Norwegian Ninja – and they could really set themselves apart. What other NBA team do you know with two star Nordic players? Think about it.

TWO: It’s gonna be interesting

Not sure if the major Bulls story of the season made its way beyond Chicago yet, but the Bobby Portis vs. Nikola Mirotic UFC fight from a few weeks ago is adding a lot of interest to this otherwise dull start.

Portis punched Niko, sending him to the ER. Niko was concussed, and has facial fractures which require surgery. And all of this at a Fred Hoiberg practice? “Crazy Eyes” Portis is living up to his name.

And on the other side of the ring, Niko has given the Bulls an ultimatum – “Him or me.” Bulls fans around the world I’m sure are up at night worrying about this predicament, distraught about how the season can progress without either Bobby or Niko.

I’ll confess that assessing the who, what, when and where of the fight has been a lot more interesting than watching any of the games so far. So stay tuned for the next episode of Days of our Bulls’ Lives.

THREE: Introducing Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez has emerged as a leader and face of the Bulls as of late. This is quite an evolution since last June, when Fredberg said he was “looking forward to coaching Brook Lopez.” Ummm, Fred – Brook is Robin’s twin brother. The Bulls acquired Robin. Robin Lopez, aka Robez or RoLo.

Robez is a center, and a Thibs throwback. He does his job. There’s not tons of flair, but he’s consistent, does the dirty work, plays great defense, and makes baskets in the paint. And he’s totally wacky. Most well-known for getting into altercations with mascots from around the NBA, he’s most recently become a Bulls front man.

And he’s now introduced in the MJ/DRose/JB spot during player introductions – last. And most importantly, I believe Robez has already made his second appearance one of the sports world’s finest programs – Late Night Snack with Henry: Robin Lopez and Zach LaVine.

FOUR: The team and lineups are a moving target

So, I dare you to name more than five players currently on the Bulls. I already gave you Markkanen, Portis, Mirotic, Lopez and LaVine in the course of this award-winning, informative blog.

If you said Quincy Pondexter, David Nwaba, Jerian Grant, Justin Holiday or Paul Zipser, you’d be right. And there’s about eight more, whose names escape me.

Cinjo, the Norwegian Ninja has a greater chance of making it onto the team, and playing until the end of the season than some of the guys currently on the roster. In case you need a little refresher – Chicago Bulls Roster.

FIVE: This isn’t going to be a season of rainbows and butterflies

I’ll ‘fess up – I haven’t watched an entire game yet this season, and I’m wondering if anyone else really has either. The first few games, and especially that Cavs game – they played hard.

But evidently, during last night’s fiasco with OKC, when the Bulls were “Westbrooked,” they lost by 30 or 40 points, and did anything but play hard.

And even the mild-mannered Fredberg was none too pleased.

As reported by KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, Hoiberg had this to say after huge loss.

“We took a huge step in the wrong direction. We didn’t compete. We didn’t stay together. We didn’t fight through adversity as a team. We were careless. We were stagnant. They got to loose balls. That can’t happen with this group.”

“It’s very disappointing coming off the encouraging win against Atlanta by doing all the little things — winning the 50-50 balls, dominating the glass. We had none of that. Things weren’t going well and we just dropped our heads and gave in. You can’t do that as a young team.”

Players said Hoiberg gave them an earful at halftime.

Well, well, well – I like that sound of that. A little more Thibs-like and a little less Fred-like. After all, I never really was all that into rainbows or butterflies.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Heat!



A little more basketball with my baseball


Cubs vs. Giants – 2016 NLDS game 1, and my first ever baseball playoff game. Cubs win 1-0.

I’m going to come clean and ‘fess up.

It’s been such a busy summer watching the Cubs, and then tracking the young White Sox and all of their prospects that there’s not too much time left to keep up with our Bulls.

When it comes to the Bulls, important questions do warrant discussion –

1.) Who exactly is on the team?

2.) Will the Bulls be able to win more than the 20 games Chicago sports pundits are predicting?

3.) Which Christmas game will I watch given the Bulls didn’t make the schedule — for the first time since 2009?

4.) Has Fredberg figured out how to coach?

5.) Does anyone care about the above questions, or about anything to do with the Bulls anyway?

With the Bulls in disarray, I’ve been busy working on my baseball game. There’s a lot to learn – about WAR, OPS, upcoming starting pitcher schedule, four-man outfield, player nicknames (Tony, KB, Q, Snake, Stropy, El del Pinonal, Yoyo, Los, Avi).

There’s pitch count, steals, the leadoff man, Statcast, wind velocity, the warning track, setup man, closer.

It can be overwhelming.

Needless to say – with games almost every night, the teams traveling to the west and east coast, plus two teams to follow, my Bulls have fallen by the wayside with the baseball madness.

But not to worry – the home opener is on a Saturday in mid-October. I’ll “do my job” and get smart on these Bulls in September. Pre-season starts on October 3 at the NOLA Pelicans.

Meantime, I would hope that my soon-to-be-refound Bulls and basketball knowledge, bolstered by a growing love and knowledge of baseball would be “more than enough” to help me impress a gentleman suitor out there.

We’ll address this topic in another blog on another day. And the answer could take longer to uncover than it will for the Bulls to win championship #7.

I guess all of us need to work on our game!

Go Cubs! Go White Sox!


Bringing the band back together

This is supposed to be a blog about the Bulls, but given today’s news that Taj Gibson is joining Jimmy Butler and my main man Thibs in Minnesota, seems I might need to launch “Wolves Words” soon.

So excited to hear about Taj – a quality, stand-up guy, great teammate and player, and of course – he’s from Brooklyn.

On a related Bulls Brooklyn note – I learned the other day that Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn. This fact I gleaned while watching a program about Jerry Reinsdorf (owner of the Bulls and the White Sox) – who is also from Brooklyn. Important to me, but probably not to anyone else.

What is important? The Bulls have picked a lane, and they’re headed down a path. Whether or not they’re going to win any races (aka championships), and just how fast they’ll travel remains to be seen.

We asked for some kind of direction, and we got it.

I, for one am happy about the addition of the Finnish player Lauri Markkanen. We need more Scandinavians in the NBA, and on the Bulls. I feel like now this Norwegian has more of a fighting chance.

Around the time of the NBA draft, when Jimmy was traded, and the Bulls acquired Kris Dunn and Zach LaVine, I watched an inspiring profile of Wisconsin wrestler Zack Anglin, who overcame his disabilities to achieve greatness as a wrestler.

All I could think about was – now that’s winning. I highly recommend you try to catch the ESPN E:60 program where he was featured, or check out this article.

I spend a lot of the season kidding around about our beloved Bulls. Will they ever win again? Can they make it to the playoffs, and/or past the first round? How about winning more than two games in a row? Is it possible to ever beat that other guy (LeBron) in the playoffs?

These questions remain, and will be answered in due time. But I guess there are different definitions of winning. We’ll see where the Bulls’ season leads, and how the team measures up against the likes of  a true winner – Zack Anglin. Although he didn’t win his state championship – he’s a winner.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Timberwolves! (assuming this will be the home opener…and I’ll be there.)


Bulls lead the way in Chicago sports

You won’t see these records too often in Chicago sports, so I thought it was significant to bring it to the world’s attention.

The regular season record for your World Champion Cubs: 6-7. And the Chicago White Sox are at 6-6.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Nashville Predators, Playoffs Round 1. Blackhawks 0 – Predators 3

Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics, Playoffs Round 1. Bulls 1 – Celtics 0

And then there’s the UConn women, who don’t even have a win.

At this moment, it’s pretty good to be a Bulls fan. Let’s hope our Bulls can sustain it and make it to round 2, where the author of Bulls Banter will set up shop at the UC to conduct onsite research during at least one game.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Celtics.

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