That’s Entertainment

So the Bulls manage to beat the New York Knicks this week – in double overtime. It was back to Friday Night Fights at MSG, just on Wednesday.

The Fabulous Finn, aka The Finnisher set about five zillion NBA and NBA rookie records.

New records were also set in the world of Bulls Banter, where this author managed to stay awake for the entire game.

So there’s a Scandinavian trend here. And it seems that Nordics from near and far are getting Running with our Bulls.

Even the Bulls’ #1 fan hailing from Brooklyn, NY and making her home in Orange, CT – Betty “Bette Dog” Olsen (of Norwegian descent, and also my Mom) is into this unexpected Bulls’ entertainment — as evidenced by the photo.

Betty “Bette Dog” Olsen – Bulls #1 fan from Orange, CT. And also my Mom.

And it will only get better from here. Saturday, the “centerpiece” of the Jimmy Butler trade – high-flying dunkmaster Zach LaVine makes his Bulls debut.

But Niko has been “fighting the flu” (the Bulls are trying to trade him and don’t want him to bust an ankle, so the illness seems to linger on). We’ll likely bid him a fond farewell on Monday, when he is expected to be traded to the Jazz, Pistons, Blazers or Knicks.

Only concern now is the Bulls might be “too good,” and risk falling out of contention for one of the top lottery picks.

But at least let us enjoy a few games without dozing, give us the opportunity to show off our 90s Bulls jackets, and claim That’s Entertainment.

There’s always the second half of the season to re-claim one of the worst records in the league.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Pistons.



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