A little more basketball with my baseball


Cubs vs. Giants – 2016 NLDS game 1, and my first ever baseball playoff game. Cubs win 1-0.

I’m going to come clean and ‘fess up.

It’s been such a busy summer watching the Cubs, and then tracking the young White Sox and all of their prospects that there’s not too much time left to keep up with our Bulls.

When it comes to the Bulls, important questions do warrant discussion –

1.) Who exactly is on the team?

2.) Will the Bulls be able to win more than the 20 games Chicago sports pundits are predicting?

3.) Which Christmas game will I watch given the Bulls didn’t make the schedule — for the first time since 2009?

4.) Has Fredberg figured out how to coach?

5.) Does anyone care about the above questions, or about anything to do with the Bulls anyway?

With the Bulls in disarray, I’ve been busy working on my baseball game. There’s a lot to learn – about WAR, OPS, upcoming starting pitcher schedule, four-man outfield, player nicknames (Tony, KB, Q, Snake, Stropy, El del Pinonal, Yoyo, Los, Avi).

There’s pitch count, steals, the leadoff man, Statcast, wind velocity, the warning track, setup man, closer.

It can be overwhelming.

Needless to say – with games almost every night, the teams traveling to the west and east coast, plus two teams to follow, my Bulls have fallen by the wayside with the baseball madness.

But not to worry – the home opener is on a Saturday in mid-October. I’ll “do my job” and get smart on these Bulls in September. Pre-season starts on October 3 at the NOLA Pelicans.

Meantime, I would hope that my soon-to-be-refound Bulls and basketball knowledge, bolstered by a growing love and knowledge of baseball would be “more than enough” to help me impress a gentleman suitor out there.

We’ll address this topic in another blog on another day. And the answer could take longer to uncover than it will for the Bulls to win championship #7.

I guess all of us need to work on our game!

Go Cubs! Go White Sox!



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