Bringing the band back together

This is supposed to be a blog about the Bulls, but given today’s news that Taj Gibson is joining Jimmy Butler and my main man Thibs in Minnesota, seems I might need to launch “Wolves Words” soon.

So excited to hear about Taj – a quality, stand-up guy, great teammate and player, and of course – he’s from Brooklyn.

On a related Bulls Brooklyn note – I learned the other day that Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn. This fact I gleaned while watching a program about Jerry Reinsdorf (owner of the Bulls and the White Sox) – who is also from Brooklyn. Important to me, but probably not to anyone else.

What is important? The Bulls have picked a lane, and they’re headed down a path. Whether or not they’re going to win any races (aka championships), and just how fast they’ll travel remains to be seen.

We asked for some kind of direction, and we got it.

I, for one am happy about the addition of the Finnish player Lauri Markkanen. We need more Scandinavians in the NBA, and on the Bulls. I feel like now this Norwegian has more of a fighting chance.

Around the time of the NBA draft, when Jimmy was traded, and the Bulls acquired Kris Dunn and Zach LaVine, I watched an inspiring profile of Wisconsin wrestler Zack Anglin, who overcame his disabilities to achieve greatness as a wrestler.

All I could think about was – now that’s winning. I highly recommend you try to catch the ESPN E:60 program where he was featured, or check out this article.

I spend a lot of the season kidding around about our beloved Bulls. Will they ever win again? Can they make it to the playoffs, and/or past the first round? How about winning more than two games in a row? Is it possible to ever beat that other guy (LeBron) in the playoffs?

These questions remain, and will be answered in due time. But I guess there are different definitions of winning. We’ll see where the Bulls’ season leads, and how the team measures up against the likes of  a true winner – Zack Anglin. Although he didn’t win his state championship – he’s a winner.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Timberwolves! (assuming this will be the home opener…and I’ll be there.)



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