Out with February, in with a much better March

Seems like we all want February to end. The Bulls lost 8 and won 4. It doesn’t take a math wiz like me to assess those results. It’s awful.

I had just settled in on the couch, and planned to partake of a delicious frozen pizza while I watched the Bulls vs. the Hawks game on Friday. Then, at 7:10, just after Neil Funk and Stacey King had given their game preview – the cable went out. Not only that, no Internet.

No team stream on my phone, tablet, or on either laptop. Kevbro jumped in once again to save the day, providing game updates via text. But I figured I would throw in the towel (evidently, kinda like the Bulls did), and just go to bed early and I’m glad I did.

Another loss to the Hawks, and another delete from the DVR. I used to feel badly for the Hawks. They had about six fans in the arena, and I’m pretty sure management was piping in fake noise or something. Watching those games was difficult enough…when the Bulls were winning. Now, it’s painful, and I don’t feel too badly for the Hawks now.

However, we have seen bright spots during this downturn. In the games they’ve won, the Bulls are racking up a lot of assists. So the ball is moving, not staying in anyone’s hands, and that’s a good thing.

The problem seems to happen following all of the ball movement, when no one can make a basket.

E’Twaun Moore has become a reliable starter, and is scrappy and a good defender. Dougie McBuckets has been nothing short of a revelation. And I like the way Taj has become a more vocal leader. Pau got a triple double. I read that Bobby Portis grabbed 16 rebounds and scored 10 points versus the Trailblazers last night, but I was in Greektown for dinner (Opa!) and when I got home and saw the results…well.

Like the Bulls, my month wasn’t the best either. I don’t want to be Debbie Downer, but let’s just say, my Puerto Rico trip was postponed, and the car and the fridge both broke. While I want to play like Drose, I don’t want to duplicate his medical history. Sprained ACL + torn medial meniscus…meant travel would have to wait.I definitely feel his pain.

So we all want out of February 2016. And our wish is coming true. The Bulls march into March on Tuesday at the Miami Heat. Any game where I get to see one of my favorite players, and classiest guy ever – Luol Deng is must see Bulls TV.

In March, sometime, the Bulls should Jimmy back, and Niko. DRose has to get over this hamstring issue one of these days…but that’s another story.

The Bulls have got 17 games in March. One is on my birthday, versus the Hawks at the UC. I’m planning to grace the Bulls with my presence, which is sure to finally help them break their losing streak versus Atlanta.

To end on a high note, here are a few quotes from the new team leader, Taji Woo!, courtesy of Sam Smith (unofficial official Bulls blogger) and K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune.

Once again, Taj, channeling his best Thibs, provides hope that the Bulls are not giving up yet.

Taj:  “I feel we have a strong shot; playing with a short deck now. Keep playing and maturing and scrapping out wins until everyone gets back healthy. The whole Eastern Conference is junked up now. Everybody one or two loses out of home court advantage. So every game is coming to the wire; as I said, I like our chances. We just have to bounce back.”

Continuing, Taj said: “We know what we’ve got. We just know that we have to play harder and can’t mess up. We have a small window for mistakes now and that’s the biggest thing. But we’ve got a lot of good guys in here preaching the right things and wanting to win for the right reasons.”

And recognizing who’s running the show now, I appreciate what Taj says here: “It’s frustrating because we have so many injuries and you know the character of the guys. Everybody wants to win. Everybody means well. We’re trying to win for Fred (Hoiberg). He’s a good coach. But we have a small window for mistakes now.”

February was the month for mistakes and mishaps. It’s a new month now. So a winning record in March, lots of victories, no more injuries, and a playoff spot (except for #8).

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Heat.

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