The All-Star break can’t get here soon enough

Remember that saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” Well, in that case, we’re done here. Blog over.

This has been quite a road trip for our Bulls. They’re 2-4, and keep finding a way to fall apart in the fourth quarter. It happened versus Denver, and evidently, again last night versus the Timberwolves. Good thing I was enjoying some delicious BBQ at Chicago Q restaurant, and missed the back-to-back Q4 meltdown.

In keeping with the theme of Bulls Banter’s last blog, where the younger and wiser Kevbro found a way to keep it positive…I’ll give it a whirl. Here it goes.


1.) E’Twaun Moore. Inserting him into the starting lineup may have been the only brilliant move Fredberg has made all season. It’s a total revelation. And most importantly, his career-high 24 points vs. the Kings (one of the games the Bulls DID win) caused Stacey King to declare, “It’s E’Twaun’s world and we’re all just living in it.”

2.) Mike Dunleavy’s return: Since I was too busy choosing between cornbread and cheddar and bacon hush puppies at Chicago Q when Dun Dun made his return, I didn’t get to see it. Per the box score, he only had five points. We’ll give him a minute to get back up to speed. His presence can only help, and the Chicago media have been eagerly awaiting his quotes and dry sense of humor.

In this case, Dun Dun took a serious tone, as noted by Chicago Tribune Bulls beat writer K.C. Johnson in his article, Timberwolves spoil Mike Dunleavy’s season debut with 112-105 victory.

Dunleavy said, “This team — we talked about it a little bit — we have to have a bigger team ego. To the point where it’s like, ‘Look, man, we go into games like we’re winning this game. And down the stretch, we’re going to handle business.’

“There’s like this doubt that seems to be creeping in. We’re too good for that. We have good players. We’re well-coached. We have to execute better. But more importantly, we have to have that feeling like we’re going to get this done.”

3.) DRose: One of my friends, who really doesn’t even follow any kind of basketball that much, and the Bulls, not so much, but likes to enlighten us with her opinion nonetheless is fond of saying, “DRose is ALWAYS hurt. He’s ALWAYS hurt.” The extent to which this annoys me is off the charts. It would take some new math to calculate my dissatisfaction. Along with Pau, DRose has recently become one of the Bulls most consistent players. As others, DRose enthusiasts like to say, “He’s doing DRose things,” and “He looks like DRose again.”

4.) Fredberg has found one winning strategy: Inserting bench players like Cameron Bairstow (who?) in the starting lineup and Cristiano Felício as one of the first subs has proven pretty effective in confusing the opponent – both players and coaches. It’s doubtful Cam or Cris were on the scouting report, certainly advantageous for the Bulls.

5.) Time-saving: With the late west coast starts + the Bulls losses, I’ve been able to save a lot of time. When I get up the next morning and find out the Bulls collapsed and lost the night prior, I just delete the game from the recorded programs on my DVR and get back two hours to do something productive (watch reruns of The Closer, etc.).

The All-Star break can’t get here soon enough. A few days off can only help our Bulls – in mind and body. And since the coaches didn’t add me as an Eastern Conference reserve, I’ll spend the break in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Don’t worry Bulls fans, we’ll all be rested and healthy in a few week’s time.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat somebody…anybody.

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