An assessment of the Bulls from someone younger and wiser

So I was none too happy that the Bulls lost to the Heat on Monday, and my displeasure was compounded by the fact that two days later, another player was added to the injured list. (Note that IF the Bulls have to lose to anybody, I’ll take the Heat given I love Luol Deng, and that other guy has since left to run the show elsewhere.)

When I found out the Niko Mirotic had an emergency appendectomy, it was like the sky had fallen.

Adding up the injured Bulls requires someone with math skills beyond my elementary level: Jo, Dun Dun, Hinrich, Moore, DRose. I mean, I realize the 76ers of the west (the Lakers) were the next opponent, but still.

The only thing to do when such upsetting news hits social media is obviously to text your bro. Kevbro, eight years my junior is younger and wiser than me. He texted back:

“As long as they can make the playoffs and be healthy then and have some luck there is always a chance they can go pretty far.”

I told him that’s what I love about him – he always sees the bright side.

And things are beginning to look up on the health front. Dunleavy had his own bright idea to get some practice in while the Bulls are on their Disney on Ice road trip away from the UC. He’s adding himself to the Warriors’ D-League team.

“My brain works in thoughtful ways. They were trying to figure out, looking at the schedule and realizing I’m not getting much practice time and we got some guys hurt, limited on bodies; we started to think outside the box and I threw that out there as just a good opportunity.”

And E’Twaun Moore not only returned to the lineup vs. the Lakers, he got his first start as a Bull! Chalk one up for Fredberg, and being willing to switch up the starting lineup – with three guards, and for giving ET a chance.

I love this kid. And like others on this Bulls teams, and other NBA teams, it hasn’t been a walk in the park for him.

“I definitely fell from a high end in the draft, but that did nothing but motivate me,” said Moore. “The things that are disheartening that upset you, that’s fuel to keep you going and getting better. I grew up in a project, assisted government housing, tough neighborhood. Things weren’t always good. So adversity was something you always had to overcome. That prepared me for when things get hard I fight right through it. I always remember those times; those times drive me and motivate me to go forward.”

“Starting, that’s crazy,” smiled Moore. “I just stay in the gym, just stay ready; if it’s two minutes or 20 minutes I try to stay ready and keep working. My name is called I’m ready. I wouldn’t be surprised if the coach went back to it (vs. the Clippers) because it worked tonight (vs. 76ers West); it works, keep doing it. I was pleased, definitely happy; been a while since I started. So it was pretty cool.”

And finally, our optimist, Kevbro is going to be really excited about this one: it looks like DRose and JB have turned a corner. Some of the sports commentators have recently been reporting that the two stars had a meeting, leading to an “ah ha moment.”

I guess they’ve realized that maybe if they join forces, they can actually be better than best.

“This is new for me as it’s new for him, playing with an elite guard,” said Rose after Thursday’s win. “We’re young. The way he’s been playing has been great. I want him to shoot more. But I love his shot selection, the way he’s driving into the lane, getting fouls; it helps our team all the way around.”

“We were talking about that, laughing about it before the game, saying how the more games we get under our belt the more comfortable each other is going to be,” Butler said after the game about he and Rose. “It’s crazy because I love playing with him; he’s super aggressive and taking some great shots. That’s what we need. As long as I follow his lead on that style of play we are going to be really good.”

So now I’m feeling a lot better about our Bulls, and it’s all thanks to my not so little, but oh so smart bro.

So let’s get this done. This afternoon, the Bulls face new-look Lob City, as they take on the Clippers sans Blake Griffin, who is busy looking for other staff members to beat up.

They’re on the path to improved health.

And, they bring a fierce, fully (sorta) aligned backcourt with DRose and JB.

Things are looking much brighter for the future NBA champs.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Clippers.

Note: All quotes sourced from Sam Smith, the unofficial official Bulls blogger.

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