A Christmas miracle in OKC, followed by a disappearing act in Dallas

All I wanted for Christmas was for the Bulls to win games.

I sure got my wish on December 25, when the Bulls convincingly beat OKC. The proper terminology, when one team leads the entire game, is – wire to wire. I’m getting so fancy now that I’m coming up on three years writing soon-to-be-award-winning Bulls Banter.

So not only did the Bulls manage to win an away game on national TV, on a holiday, with an odd start time (1:30 p.m. CST) and wearing alternate (Christmas) uniforms, it was a wire-to-wire victory.

Everyone seemed to contribute in that game. The Bulls remembered how to play together, and the offense and defense both seemed to click (for the most part)…I’ll let the turnovers and bad passes slide given the significance of this win.

It sure is good to be on the victorious side of a contest, for once, and especially on a national stage.

Whereas I would typically feature a few quotes from our beloved Bulls players, in this case, I find it oh so satisfying to showcase the opponent trying to figure it out.

Kevin Durant: “”Man, we didn’t have any energy to start the game or to start the third quarter. And they got us.” When asked why, he replied, “I have no clue, man.”

Durant then said: “We just made dumb plays all night.”

Russell Westbrook: “Just didn’t play hard enough. We’ve got to play harder if we want to win games.” [Author’s note: He is sounding like a rocket scientist.]

One of my favorite moments of the game took place at the viewing party at my folks’ place in Orange, CT. When it got close at the end, and the Bulls really needed to score, I was screaming, “Somebody, anybody, get me a basket.”

My Mom rushed in from the kitchen to the den carrying a bread basket.

Whatever it takes.

The fact that the Bulls seemed to have forgotten how to play defense en flight from OKC to Dallas is a mystery to me. Poof! It was a disappearing act.

But I sure felt a lot better when I got up this morning and saw that those other guys (Cavs) got blown out by Portland 105 to 76. This warms my heart.

And Indiana lost too. He he ha ha ho ho ho.

In other basketball news, I was thrilled to see that the 76ers got their second win by beating the Suns, although it looks like their coach might be on his way out. Could Phoenix be Thibs’ next stop? He could do with a little sun anyway.

Looking ahead, we’ve got lots of Bulls basketball this week, three games at the UC, and one is sure to be a Bulls victory with their #1 fan, Cinjo in attendance (Bulls vs. Knicks on New Year’s Day). That game is preceded by Oh Canada! (Toronto Raptors) on Monday night and those pesky Pacers on Wednesday.

To end on a high note, I’ll leave you with JB’s post-game assessment following the Bulls’ loss to the Dallas Mavericks: “Lots of positives. We competed from start to finish. We’ll learn from this. It’s tough after playing like we did [against OKC], but that’s why we’ve got 82 of them. We’ll be all right.”

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Pacers!


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