All I want for Christmas…is for the Bulls to win games

Well, the loss to those pesky Pistons on Friday night was not for lack of trying. Four overtimes, and 68 minutes later, having to count the effort as a loss is a heart-breaker.

But as Thibs used to say, “The games keep coming.” And the Bulls’ next opponent, the Knicks took a turn foaming at the mouth. There must have been a lot of “We gotta win this one,” and “He he ha ha ho ho – the Bulls have no sleep, no legs, and no Pow!”

We knew the Bulls would be up against it, having arrived at their NYC hotel at 4:15 a.m., and when they took the MSG floor in the pajama top jerseys – there really wasn’t a question. Not even sure Benny the Bull could have helped if he made the trip.

The big takeaway from the loss to the Knicks? Jimmy Butler pointing fingers at the new “save the world” Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg. Great minds, and minds greater than mine have all written about the latest bump in the road that is he Bulls’ journey to Championship # 7. Just google “Jimmy Butler calls out Hoiberg.”

As reported by Chris Kuc in the Chicago Tribune, here’s the gist of it.

Jimmy Butler: “It’s not even about being coached a certain way for five years, it’s making everybody do their job. We weren’t doing what we were supposed to be doing — what we wrote up on that board before the game. Nobody spoke up about it. I did (but) probably not enough times. (Hoiberg) has to hold everybody accountable from the No. 1 player all the way down to however many guys we have. When you match up and do your job we’ll win the game.”

Forget the team grab bag. Looks like it’s time for a team meeting. There’s trouble in the paradise that is our beloved Bulls. But we do have something to look forward to on Monday. While I thought the Bulls were in my hometown Brooklyn to play the Nets, it looks like they’re back at the UC.

Looking ahead to Christmas Day – it’s time for everyone to e-mail their final last-minute wish list to Santa. Top on the list should be, “Santa, all I want for Christmas is for the Bulls to win games.”

On Christmas, while the Bulls play a team with a winning record (OKC), it is a holiday (bad), and even worse, they’re going to be in Christmas Day jerseys. On the upside, I am pretty sure they’re supposed to look like the picture below, so at least no sleeves. And given the game is on national TV, the Bulls have a fighting chance.

But contacting Santa is probably still a good idea.


See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Nets.


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