The Bulls are singing in the shower again

OK, so maybe they’re not singing in the shower. But following the Bulls’ three-point victory over the Spurs on Monday, it was reported that the post-game celebrations are indeed picking up.

Jimmy Butler, speaking of Joakim, whose play was characterized as “vintage” and “throwback,” said, “He gets everybody hyped. Just having him make plays for us is big. He got his swag back. You can see the way he’s walking around back there in the hot tub/cold tub. He’s smiling. His spirits are high. That’s the Jo that we need.”

I didn’t make it home until halfway through the third quarter, and then re-watched the game again last night. The performance signifies why I love the Bulls. It was one for all and all for one. There was energy. They shared the ball. Jo was even strutting I think.

But it’s not all joy in Who-ville. Dun Dun is doing a worldwide tour trying to find any doctor who will tell him he can return from back surgery.

Captain Kirk, the butt of many old age jokes has a hip pointer injury. Evidently, you find that ailment more often at a convalescent home than the basketball court.

Aaron Brooks – hamstring. Jimmy’s got something wrong with his heel, but he’s playing through it.

And then there are the minutes. Jo wants more minutes. The rookie, Bobby “Crazy Eyes” Portis just wants to get in the game. I read he was launching a twitter campaign to enlist fans to petition GarPax about his predicament (permanent fixture on the bench).

Despite the injury challenges, and having way too many big men, and few too many guards, when the Bulls play the way they did versus the Spurs, fans like me have no choice but to have faith.

You know you’re obsessed with the Bulls when the classmates from your xx-year high school reunion think you work for the Bulls. Ah, if only.

What Derrick said kind of sums it up: “We know how good we are. We’re just coming out and getting used to playing a certain kind of way; it will take us a few more games getting used to playing an uptempo game…”

Tonight, there’a another chance to see just how good our Bulls are.

See Red! Go Bulls! Beat the Nuggets.


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