Never too soon to bring back the Thib-isms

So, evidently, our Bulls fell to the still undefeated Warriors last night. With the 9:30 p.m. CST start time, I was “unavailable” to watch the game, but I did wake up to see via the team stream on my phone that the Bulls were ahead in Q1. And, it was close in Q3.

That was the last I saw until this morning, when I read the bad news. The Bulls evidently got confused in the final minutes, and thought that the team which didn’t score any points would get the W.

So to make ourselves feel better, it’s time to bring back the Thib-isms. Despite the fact that Derrick Rose and backup point guard Aaron Brooks were both unable to play due to injury, it’s obvious that “We have more than enough.” But it’s also important to keep in mind “Our margin of error is small because of all the guys we have out.”

Jimmy Butler’s 32-point performance in Wednesday night’s win against the Phoenix Suns could be characterized like this: “He did everything. Even the laundry.”

When asked who would start the game, naturally, “We’ll see.” And of course, it will be best for all involved if you “Do your job.”

This was to be the year the Bulls’ offense really started to break out. It was going to be new-look. I guess I was hoping for a look where the basketball covers were finally stored in the basement, and Hoiberg’s mere presence would magically transform our Bulls into scoring machines.

Sadly, all we’re seeing is the the all-too-familiar offensive drought to close games. And being without two starters (DRose and Dun Dun), and now reserves added to the injured list (AB) – it’s another bad case of déjà vu.

I had to dig back really deep for this one, but we should all keep in mind what Thibs said back in January 2013 – “If they say we’re playing at midnight on the roof, you should be saying, ‘let’s get the ladders.'”

So I was at the gym this morning, and got up 200 shots. I hit all my free throws. Not to be boastful, but I’m putting in the work.

And I just read that the Bulls, remaining in CA, are on a “team outing” to wine country – Napa. Umm, now we know it’s a different year. Napa. Team outing. Fun. Wine. Day off. Not on Thibs’ watch.

So it’s a new era, and we will just have to wait for the offense to catch up. In the meantime, the Bulls are still #2 in the Eastern Conference, behind those other guys. And they gave the Warriors a game. It was a legitimate game.

Speaking of the Bulls’ performance last night, Hoiberg said, “We battled, battled them the whole game. They made a couple of big plays down the stretch. We couldn’t get it back on the other end. But if we battle like that we’re going to win a lot of basketball games this year.”

For years, I believed in Thibs, and found great amusement in his “Thib-isms.

Now, I want to believe Coach Fred, and don’t expect the level of isms. I’ll be happy with baskets and Ws.

See Red! Go Bulls! Beat the Trail Blazers.



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