Thibs is gone, and so is the Bulls’ defense, and it’s a Cubs kinda town

Thibs is gone, and evidently, so is the Bulls’ defense. They might score 150 points/game this year, but as we’ve heard so many times before, “defense wins games.”

I felt a little bit better when I saw that the Bulls’ pedestrian 2-3 record was outpaced by the preseason record of those other guys (the Cavs), who late last week, stood at 0-5. [Just checked, they’re 0-6 now…how I love the way that looks in the Conference standings.]

And the Knicks are at 4-1. I think the world could be ending.

And who has time to watch the preseason tilts anyway, with the CHI-town Cubs madness. Unfortunately, as of late, the Cubs haven’t found a way to beat the Mets. Surely Wrigley Field, and the hometown fans will help change things around, and we’ll all be singing “Go Cubs Go” for many more nights to come.

Meantime, the walking wounded (Chicago Bulls) are making their way back to the court. I read that Dun Dun was taking set shots (that sounds familiar – I’ve been doing that for months now, given the stress fracture in my ankle). DRose stole a page out of the Rip Hamilton playbook, and got fitted for his mask. And I’m headed to the doctor this morning, and hope to re-join the team soon.

In other news, Coach Hoiberg is channeling his Phil Jackson and/or Jake Arrieta, and had the team doing yoga the other day. When the magician and the pink flamingos show up in the Bulls’ locker room, I’ll take it as a sign the Bulls are on their way.

Until then, we’ll root for the Cubbies, hope the Bulls find their defense, and count on all of the Bulls’ stars making it back onto the court before the October 27 home opener.

See Red! Go Bulls! Beat the Hornets (or whatever they’re called this season).

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