Hope and joy

Just two games left in the regular season, and it’s anybody’s guess as to whether or not the Bulls will play the Bucks or the Wizards in round one of the playoffs.

Whether nor or not they have home court advantage may still be up for grabs as well. I think it needs to be 75 degrees and sunny on Wednesday at noon in order for them to clinch home court. Or maybe the Bulls just need to win both of their final games and somebody else needs to lose one of theirs.

I dunno.

What I do know is that hope has returned for Bulls fans. It’s an upward trajectory, this march into the post season.

Last year, and the year before, around this time, it was a downward spiral. Knowing DRose would not play. One by one, injuries mounted up. Jo was hobbling around on one leg. Someone was banged up or had the flu or something. There were hospital visits and rehab.

Now, there’s a full complement of players-almost (captain Kirk re-injured his knee during the 76ers game Saturday though). There’s Pau and Jo, and JB, AB, Three-kola, Dun Dun. And how could I forget Taji Woo?

And other than joy being my middle name, the joy also comes in because 1.) DRose is playing again and 2.) he’s feeling it.

He had this to say following the Bulls’ defeat of the bottom-of-the-heap but still spirited, hard-working 76ers: ”It’s still going to take time. I’m just happy I have the teammates I have. When a guy’s missed so many games and comes back … they’re sticking with me, so I’m grateful, excited and filled with joy that I’m back playing.”

The Bulls are not going to have it easy, during these next two games, nor when the playoffs start on Saturday. Tonight, they are in my hometown, Brooklyn to face a Nets team that was demolished last night by the Bucks, coached by none other than Jason Kidd.

Wednesday, the Bulls close out the regular season back in CHI with the Eastern Conference leading Atlanta Hawks.

No matter who the Bulls end up playing in the first round on Saturday, and beyond, compared to the last two seasons, if they all remain healthy, play like we know they can, and are the recipients of a little bit of luck, we can all feel more hope and joy for the Bulls’ second season than we have in a long time.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Nets!

Footnote: This blog was originally going to be called “Just what kind of Bulls fan am I?” until I realized it’s more important to report on the positives, the joy and the hope. And I was feeling neither on Thursday, when the Bulls were trounced by Luol Deng and the Heat in the second quarter…only to return the favor by destroying Miami in Q3 by a score of 33 to 8, and eventually winning the game.

Yours truly took to twitter to voice concerns about said game and the Bulls overall. She regrets these tweets, but still finds them amusing. You can read them here: https://twitter.com/TheChicagoNinja



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