What do the Bulls and UConn women have in common?

First of all, 50-something.

On Saturday night, the Bulls managed to lose to the lowly Pistons 91 to 107, and were outscored 54 to 19 in the final 19 minutes.

Out East, the UConn women handily beat St. Francis Brooklyn by 56, with a final score of 89-33. Right, UConn had an off night again.

Secondly, clinched.

On Monday, with a win over the Hornets, the Bulls clinched a playoff spot. This happened without too much fanfare, and Aaron Brooks wondered when the Champagne showers would occur in the locker room. I think it’s going to take an Eastern Conference title (at least) for that…

And no surprise, the UConn women clinched a spot in the Sweet 16 by defeating Rutgers on Sunday. 91 to 55.

Thirdly, birthday games.

Looks like Saturday, March 28, my birfday, is a big game day all-around.

I’ll be at the UC with two Kellies for my Bulls birthday game vs. the Knicks.

And the UConn women face Texas for the birthday brunch game – 11 a.m. CDT on Saturday.

You would think there’s an equal likelihood that both of these games are winnable, but let’s compare notes post-game to see about those margins of victory.

Lastly, Bulls Banter is a big fan of both.

Go Huskies!

Go Bulls!

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