Spring has sprung, and so have our Bulls

It’s the first day of Spring, and I’m thrilled to report that the Bulls, in keeping with the season, seem to have the spring in their step…and their game as well.

With last night’s 108 to 92 victory vs. “We the North” (The Raptors), and building on Wednesday’s defeat of the Pacers, the Bulls now find themselves #3 in the East.

More importantly, when describing the Bulls win against the Raps, words like destroyed, demolished and dismantling were used. Not exactly what any of us could have said just one short week ago, when consecutive losses against the Hornets and then the Thunder might have caused some of us to spend the playoff game fund on some new Jimmy Choos (those are really nice and anything but inexpensive ladies shoes, for anyone who might not know).

Two words come to mind to summarize the Bulls’ performance against We the North – hope and joy.

Joy because we got Taj back, Nikola scored 29 (and had a triple double), Jo was two points shy of a triple double, and continued his likely unintentional quest to de-throne DRose of his point guard duties…as he excelled again as the point center.

Taj: “I was just excited to be back out there, see the fans, and even more to be out there with my teammates again. The whole time, in my head, I just didn’t want to mess anything up. I just wanted to do what I can do, just try to play the right way.The first couple of minutes I was excited and then that high kind of leaves you. But I’m encouraged. I had a great time; we got a win.”

Oh, and then Dun Dun “quietly” scored 21 and Pau had 11, The Snelly Cat chipped in 10, AB added 11.

Whatever will Thibs do when JB and DRose are back? Is there such a thing as having too much depth?

Here is where the hope comes in. “We have too much talent,” said Noah. “We have too many good players. The strength of this team is how deep we are and we have to use that to our advantage.”

Raptors coach Dwane Casey had this to say following the demolition: “They punched us and we never recovered. They had Mirotic at the four, Taj Gibson and Noah out on the floor. It was a tough match up for all of our big guys. Really, Noah is their quarterback. He is the point guard, basically. He gets out on the floor and does a great job of picking you apart. They came out and kicked our butt and dominated us every which way.”

Thanks to Coach Casey for the reminder that “dominated” should be added to the list of D words describing the Bulls’ big game.

So the reinforcements have started to arrive, and guys are getting healthy. Now everyone just needs to remain injury-free, Thibs needs to take some Valium, and the Bulls need to get ready to play lots of basketball in the lovely month of June.

Meantime, I’ll re-start the playoff fund and begin on the “Thibs – will you marry me, it’s my birthday” sign to display from section 106 row K seat 3 at the UC next Saturday.

Yup, it’s Cinjo’s birthday game, and the Bulls are going to decimate the poor Knicks, hopefully via a strong performance from a full complement of players, including Most Improved Player (at least, according to me) Jimmy Butler.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Pistons (that game is tonight, BTW).

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