Finding an identity

This season, “everyone” has been claiming that the Bulls need to find an identity. I guess they just don’t know who they are.

In the past, it’s been all about defense, holding teams to fewer than 100 points/game, and just being all-around pesky when it comes to defending, rebounding, getting to loose balls and hustling.

This year, not so much. For a few minutes, the Bulls found ways to score, and they seemed to be so busy kissing themselves for three-point field goals that they forgot about defense.

That’s a bit simplistic. But maybe it’s also because the Bulls’ best defenders – Jo and Taj have had injuries most of the year, and I might actually look like a strong defender compared to Pau.

But I contend that it’s impossible for the Bulls to “find their identity” when every night, they’re called something different, and have to play in pajama top uniforms one night, and the next night, they’re “Los Bulls,” following day, they have an 11 a.m. game start, following game they’re “Chicago Celtics” in green short-sleeved PJ tops.

I would be a bit confused too.

Following the Bulls’ loss to the Spurs, a game which started at 11 a.m. “old” local time before the time change, Sam Smith tweeted this quote from Jo: “We’re fighting for a high seed. You need to find a way to get yourself going, even at 11 o’clock in the morning.”

In all seriousness, when Derrick, JB and Taj all went out, there were about 22 games left in the season. I thought – if the Bulls can win half of them, they could still potentially maintain a spot in the top of the East and have home court advantage for the first round of the playoffs.

Well, they’ve won two games (Wizards and Thunder) and lost three (Pacers, Spurs, Grizzlies). Thankfully, next stops, Philly for the 76ers and then Charlotte to play the Hornets, or whatever they’re called this week.

Let’s hope they can win both of those before they head to OKC where the masked man (Russell Westbrook) is sure to be on some kind of streak.

Go Bulls, Los Bulls, Chicago Celtics. Whoever you are.

See Red!

Beat the 76ers.

Footnote – In other Bulls news, Thibs made a mistake. He had six guys on the floor at the end of the fourth quarter in the Memphis game (he was trying to sub Jo in and I guess he got confused, for the first time ever). So the Bulls got a technical and the Grizz got and made a free throw. It was not the Bulls’ best night, and the green uniforms brought anything but the luck of the Irish.

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