I like our fight

It’s been a bad week, and I cried more than I have in a long time. First, leaving Maui on Sunday, and second, after I found out what I thought was a “joke” NBA Stream alert containing three horrifying sentences turned out to be true.

“Derrick Rose reported today with right knee pain. An exam and subsequent MRI confirmed a medial meniscus tear of the right knee. Surgery will be scheduled, after which a timeline for his return will be determined.

As you may have noticed, Bulls Banter had to take a well-needed break to gain composure, and re-gain hope for the future.

That’s since happened, with the news that DRose could potentially be back in four to six weeks. If it’s four, he would re-join the team to play for my birthday game vs. the Knicks on March 28.

For a minute, I thought they might pay me to attend the game…no DRose, bottom feeder Knicks, etc. However will they be able to sell any tickets to that show?

But given DRose’s possible return, the tickets have been purchased, and me and two Kellies will be there to cheer the Bulls, with or without DRose – to certain Cinjo birthday victory.

And I took hope in the win versus Minnesota. No, the Timberwolves are not exactly at the top of the Western Conference, and not even at the middle or top of the lowly Eastern Conference.

But the Bulls found a way, and did so without All-Star Pau Gasol, who was out with the flu. And Taj Gibson sprained his ankle (again) in the first, so we lost him too.

No Superstar? No All-Star? No Sixth Man?

No problem. It was the Jo, Jimmy, Snelly Cat and “Dunlevee” (as Thibs calls him) show.

These are the Chicago Bulls. They have the spirit and the fight. And I’m going to have to get a second job to pay for NBA Finals tickets, despite what Stephen A. Smith, Charles Barkley and JVG (Jeff Van Gundy) may think or say.

To make myself feel even better, I listened to the post-game presser and player remarks.

The Bulls are playing in June, and I look forward to seeing you at the rally!


THIBS: I thought a lot of guys stepped up. Gave us a good lift off the bench. We needed everybody. They did their job. We had a lot going on. I thought the rebounding was huge for us. It’s not the plays – it’s the players. I liked the way the team responded. We were shorthanded and they were spirited. He’s got a great track record. Play to your strengths. Cover up your weaknesses. Make each other better.  Whoever we have out there just get the job done. Let’s just find a way. You want to put your best foot forward each and every day. You can’t make excuses. We’ve been in this situation before so we want to respond well to the challenge.

JB: Everybody stepped up. Everybody has to pick up a little slack. We played hard and we played together. I think we have enough bodies and enough weapons.

MIKE DUNLEAVY, JR. (AKA DUNLEVEE): It was a great win for us with all the guys out and what we went through this week. We’re snakebitten but we’re used to it. We feel like no matter who’s out there we can go out and win no matter what team it is.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat Lob City (she writes with a bit of trepidation…)


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