Pooh, The Snelly Cat too much for Cavs

DRose (Pooh) and Tony Snell (The Snelly Cat) overpowered LeBron and the Cavs a few nights ago, much to my delight. The Bulls got the win vs. the evil Cavs – 113 to 98.

Top 5 Takeaways

5 – The Bulls dominated on national TV, and on a night when Bulls/Cavs was the only game scheduled, and this was much to my sheer happiness and relief. It was good to finally watch a game from start to finish, with the Bulls overpowering the opponent, despite the lack of hometown call (Neil and Stacey).

4 – DRose (aka Pooh) had something to prove. Some are characterizing it as a “throwback” performance, with the athletic and crafty moves, splitting the defenders, getting to the basket, driving, cutting, dicing, spinning. He did it all, even with laundry, with his 30 points, 7 assists, and only two turnovers. The Cavs had no answer for him.

DRose didn’t make the Eastern Conference All-Star team. Take that anyone and everyone who didn’t vote him into the party. At the end of the third, Coach Thibs even said those two very important, yet rarely uttered words to Derrick – “good job.”

3 – Tony Snell is emerging, and it’s not likely he was on the scouting report. The second-year player seemed to get the LeBron defensive assignment in JB’s absence, although everyone knows defending LeBron is done by committee. The player previously known as “Tony Tony Tony” scored 22 points, and held that other guy to “just 31.”

As reported by Sam Smith, “The Snelly Cat was all over the place,” crowed Noah, who invents most of the team nick names. “Snelly Cat was huge, being very disruptive.”

“Just having the in game experience has helped with my confidence and my teammates have helped me out as well,” said Snell. “I wasn’t the only one guarding (James). It was the whole team. Just try to pressure him as much as I can and make sure he doesn’t get in the paint because he’s really dangerous getting in the paint and drawing fouls. So I was just trying to make sure he took a lot of shots.”

“Every day I worked to take advantage of the opportunity and it’s paying off,” Snell said. “Seeing the results of the work I’m putting in is showing. So I’m very happy it’s showing. Just trying to step up. Jimmy went down, Kirk went down. Just trying to step up and help my team win.”

2 – Blame it on the temperature, LeBron. I took great joy in hearing the TNT commentators cook up an excuse for LeBron’s “sub-par” game, where he only managed to score 31 and had 8 turnovers. He was chilly, and his hands were cold. OK – any excuse will do! The ice was down underneath the basketball floor, because the Blackhawks were to play the next night. For once, I was extremely pleased with TNT’s reporting.

And I was even more amused to hear LeBron report post-game that he’s got to do some ball-handling drills. So I guess I’m not the only one suffering through the pain and tedium of the drills.

1 – The Bulls enter the All-Star break headed in the right direction. If they played the way they did against the Cavs in every game versus every team, the sky’s the limit. Up until now, it’s been an inexplicable tale of two Bulls teams. One night, the UnbelievaBulls show up, and the next night, it’s the QuestionaBulls.

“We’ve been dealing with a lot of highs and lows,” Noah said. “Winning against good teams, losing against bad teams. Just very inconsistent…it feels good. This is definitely the best we’ve played in a while. So we can think about that for a week.”

And as far as what Jo plans to do during his All-Star vacation: “I’m going to go to the sun, the beach and drink a Red Stripe. So I’m really hyped about that. I’m really, really excited about that.”

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Pistons.


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