We all just need a little quality time in the sun

You may have noticed, but it’s been a bit quiet here at Bulls Banter. The games have pained me, you, the Bulls, everybody, one and all.

Who can even make it through the second half any more?

But no worries – like me, surely all the Bulls need is a bit of quality time in the sun. The All-Star break is coming up, and perhaps I’ll run into some of our Bulls, and/or other NBA players in Maui. I hope our Bulls are all headed to their various warm locations around the globe, and they take a minute to forget about the defense (or lack thereof), Thibs, the drills, the losses, the pressure, the “on paper, we look like a good team, but in reality, not so much.”

Hopefully, the well-deserved break is just what the doctor ordered, and we will see the RecognizaBulls come Feburary 20, when they start the second part of the season vs. the Pistons.

That’s not to say they can’t pull off a victory tonight vs. the Pelicans, although Anthony Davis and that unibrow have been too much for the best of them. Forty-one points last night vs OKC, plus the buzzer-beater.

Uh Oh. Should we dial 911 now or wait until halftime? Lucky for me, I’ll be at the postponed Super Bowl chili party sans the Super Bowl, and am pretty sure my hostess will forget to turn on the game.

There’s a lot of speculation here in CHI about just what’s going on with these Bulls. Are they just bad? They lack effort and enthusiasm. Thibs is mad at GarPax. Taj isn’t playing enough, and now might get traded. It snowed too much. Dun Dun is out. Jo’s hairdo didn’t turn out right. They lost because it was an away game. Wait, they lost because it was a home game.

I dunno. Cannot figure it all out. But one thing for certain is sure – I’m going to lay low in Maui, and when I get back, I’m sure the Bulls will have it all figured out. After all, I feel the need to show off my tan at the March 1 game versus the Clippers coming on. And with the price I will pay for a section 100 ticket, I expect nothing less than a win.

But back to the game at hand.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Pelicans.


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