Lu has memorable afternoon at the UC. Bulls not so much.

The Bulls’ afternoon at the UC on Sunday was forgettable. Blame it on the pajama top jerseys, the early start time, the snow, playing on Sunday, Kids Day at the UC, being distracted by Lu’s return. Pick any excuse. They were awful! Forgot one – the game was on national TV, so of course they played horribly.

Sam Smith, the Bulls’ official unofficial blogger reported in his latest entry, Bulls wilt against the Heat in 96-84 loss that the Bulls losing to teams with losing records seems to have become part of their strategy (and especially at home).

Now they take it on the road, and face none other than the league-leading Golden State Warriors, then the Lakers, Suns, Rockets, Pelicans and Magic. Maybe the Bulls will win some games since they’re away from the UC and playing winning teams.

I really wanted Luol to receive a warm welcome, and from what I have read, and seen in some of the coverage, he did. Here’s the tribute video they showed during the first quarter: Luol Deng tribute.

But I still wanted a Bulls win. I guess you don’t always get what you wish for.

And some guy off the Heat bench, whose name I want to forget (Hassan Whiteside) – had a triple double and blocked pretty much all of the Bulls’ shots in the paint.

Joakim didn’t play in the fourth quarter, and K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune tweeted that he was across the street shooting at the Advocate Center (Bulls practice facility) following the game.

I feel another team meeting coming on, but let’s face it, the heart and soul of the team (Joakim) can hardly move around the floor, and last year’s success was centered around him. Pau Gasol is an All-Star, but he didn’t get voted in for his defense. And it seems as if the opponents are reading the scouting reports and have figured out how to stop JB.

We’ll all put this one behind us, and given the next four games start at 9:30 p.m. CST, when I’m just getting into my cozy bed, at least I won’t have to suffer through the losses, and just catch up with the wins via my DVR the next night. And I hope there are a lot of them!

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Warriors (gulp).



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