Bulls Get a Win (Finally)

Let’s just pretend the five games prior to last night’s big win against the Celtics never happened. What games? Bulls vs. Wizards? Who? What? Bulls vs. Magic. I dunno. Jazz? I myself enjoy jazz, but not of the Utah genre.

Ah, so it was a sub-par team, the Celtics squad, with a losing record, but as I’ve heard it said, a win is a win.

A lot of stories have come out this week along the lines of, “another year, another knee,” and “Bulls finding surprising new source of stress.”

That would be Jo, and his surgically repaired knee, and his third sprained ankle of the season. As I alluded to in a recent blog, “as Jo goes, so go the Bulls.”

Well, he was out for last night’s tilt, and he still managed to affect the game. It will fondly become known as the “cashmere T.” In street clothes on the bench, he drew a technical foul for arguing with the refs.

Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago tweeted post-game, “Noah joked that his technical got everything going.”

“That’s Joakim,” Rose said. “That’s Jo, man. We’re rolling with him. We understand him.”

Jo’s health is concerning, but as Thibs said, either at shootaround prior to the Celts game, or in the pre-game interview, we haven’t been at full strength for three years. Different year, different lineup, different injured, different street clothes.

Last night, it was Jo, Dunleavy and McDermott on the bench, one (Jo) in a sweater and the other two (Dunleavy and McDermott, in suit jackets).

But when it came down to it, DRose put on a show, with signature moves and drives to to the basket, and he even made 5 of 8 three-pointers. He had 29 points and 10 assists. And, no turnovers!

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! had another double double, with 20 points and 11 rebounds, and JB got back to his scoring ways (even though teams now seem to be reading the scouting report and found him in it), with 22 points and six steals.

Always wanting to cheer for the lesser-known-guy, my man E’Twaun (they call him Smooge) Moore came of the bench, and scored nine points – three three-pointers.

And in the closest we’ve probably seen to gushing when it comes to Thibs, here’s what he had to say following the big win versus the Cs:

“The energy was great. It was probably one of the best games we’ve played. Derrick was great on both sides of the ball. That’s huge for us. Jimmy stepped up and had a terrific game. Pau was great. And our bench was terrific.”

Thibs drank way too much Diet Coke. He’s all wound up.

Tonight, the Bulls are back at the UC to face a different kind of team. It’s the East-leading Atlanta Hawks. I’m kinda scared. But as Stacey King says, “If you’re scared, buy a dog!”

I’m not that scared. No dog. Just a win versus the Hawks.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat Atlanta.

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