There is no “I” in Bulls, or in Basketball

Things got so bad with the Bulls vs. the Wizards last night, I was feverishly looking for a Knicks game. And I don’t mean an NBA Hardwood Classic game. I’m talking this season. ANYTHING would have been better than suffering through the pounding the Bulls took in DC.

I just had to look away. I mean, the loss to the Jazz on Wednesday was mind-boggling enough, but I figured, we’d cut the Bulls a break. It was below zero, and everyone was saying they went cold, just like the weather.

But the Wizards? Remember – we hate them! Nene, Gortat, and the worst of all – John Wall. I challenge you to name even one player on the Jazz. Really – I beg of you, try. Somebody? Anybody? The Jazz is not one of those league-leading teams. Yet the Bulls still found a way to lose.

I was not a happy camper, post Wizards loss, and of course, went into mourning and denial, and couldn’t handle any of the coverage following the loss.

Finally, I was able to read a few articles, and what struck me about the quotes – from the guys and Thibs, was the consistent theme about this bump in the road being on the team, not anyone in particular.

“It’s not mental, it’s physical,” said Rose of the Bulls troubles. “Guys got to get going; everybody, including myself. We’ve just got to get going, find ways to make the game simple. Guys were missing the shots they normally shoot; can’t do anything about that.”

“The way we’re playing is concerning,” admitted Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. “You get into things together; you have to get out of things together. The challenge is to get ourselves right and get ready for tomorrow (Milwaukee Saturday in the United Center). It’s an unforgiving league. The games keep coming. We know what we have to do; we have to straighten it out and do it together.”

I’ve been thinking back to this point last season, when I believe the Bulls were in sixth place in the East. By early January, they had overcome the shock of losing DRose for a second season, only to be kicked in the gut with the Luol Deng trade.

Yet they always found a way. Why, this year, when on paper, the team has all of the best pieces, is it sometimes so hard to put it all together? Well, since I’m not a professional basketball player, I guess I dunno.

On paper, the Cavs look pretty good too, with that other guy, and everyone else in the league he decides to acquire – and look where that’s got them.

Still trying to find his way, and continuing to rehab his knee after surgery (which is hard to believe took place at the end of last season), Joakim summed it up best – “Just keep working. I’m a worker. And I’m never going to stop until I get it right.”

And we all know, as Jo goes, so go the Bulls.

See Red!

Go Bulls.

Beat the Bucks (which is not as easy as it used to be).


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