ImposterBulls make unexpected end-of-year appearance

Mike Dunleavy showed up to last night’s game versus the Brooklyn Nets, and scored 23 points.

The rest of the team sent their respective body doubles from the ImposterBulls, and they only managed to score 82 points, and the Nets found a way to get 96 on the scoreboard.

I guess the Bulls players had to stay home to search their recipe boxes for their famous New Year’s Eve cheese dip, or had to make pigs in a blanket, or perhaps get fitted for a tux for the big NYE party.

But they were not at the UC. It was so bad, I had to turn off the game entirely, and I’ll also delete from the DVR inventory.  I would have rather spent the night at the dentist’s offic. And anyone who knows me knows I HATE the dentist.

Upside? Well, games like this were the norm last season. Now, they’re an anomaly.

Thibs said: “I thought we were flat from the start, our whole team. We were back on our heels. We have to play with more of an edge. Overall, I think we’re making good progress. But things weren’t going our way (Tuesday night).”

I believe the game marked the first time a Bulls player was ejected this season, as Aaron Brooks was dispatched to the locker room by the refs in the second quarter.

Jo summed it up perfectly: “We just laid an egg tonight.”

I’m looking forward to seeing the real Bulls in 2015, and am happy to bid adieu to the ImposterBulls.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Nuggets.

And Happy New Year everyone.

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