Quite a Successful Road Trip

Merry Christmas, Bulls fans, and you’re welcome.

Thanks to my Christmas in Connecticut road trip, during which the Bulls won three games, they’re now tied with the Suns for the longest win streak (5) in the NBA.

Wins against Eastern Conference-leading Raps at home, then the next night, the evil Wiz at their place, and a win on the big stage back at the UC on Christmas versus the Lakers.

Now, Kobe comes to us, although old age now prevents him from playing.

Lakers coach Byron Scott had this to say following the Bulls’ win vs. the Lakers. “They are the best we have played so far in the East. They are good. They have length and athleticism. They have two of the best passing big men in the game. They are unselfish. They have a rising star in Jimmy Butler. They have a great basketball team.”

We’ll take the three Ws, and my winning road record. Both were achieved in Orange, CT watching NBA League Pass and TNT, with #20 Art “Spin Move” Olsen. Possible winning formula?

A similar trip could take place around playoff time if the Bulls need an immediate boost of a few wins.

Or maybe it was just the UConn Huskies’ positive vibes, which envelop the entire state.

Now it’s back to CHI, with the comfort of the hometown call with Neil and Stacey, and back to basketball lessons and workouts.

After all, Thibs is really making it through the bench. He’s been calling E’Twaun Moore’s number.

I could be next. (Or not).

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Pelicans.


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