The Butler did it again…and so did everybody else

You can imagine my surprise, when I found out the Bulls were beating the Grizz last night, when I finally got a chance to check the score following a dinner with some friends in the ‘burbs.

Someone in cyberville transposed the numbers, or the teams. How, pray tell could the Bulls be leading at halftime, to a Western Conference team, and on the road?

Last year at this time, this would have been considered a Christmas miracle. This year, it’s attributable to talent and a kid named JB.

Now they’re running out of ways to describe Jimmy Gets Buckets, and his All-Star season. Even Joakim is speechless. “Jimmy has been unreal for us this year. I don’t even know what to say. I remember him working out in the summertime and shots off one foot. And I was like, ‘Jimmy, what are you doing?’ You’re not going to shoot shots off one foot.”

Well, that’s just what Jimmy proceeded to do at the end of the first half vs. the Grizz: Watch JB’s One-Footed Shot.

In case you missed the headline – behind Jimmy’s 31 points, and 27 from the rook, Nikola Mirotic, the Bulls defeated the Grizzlies 103 to 97.

But flash back to Thursday’s game against a lesser opponent, the Knicks, when Jimmy scored a career high 35 points. That performance almost brought Thibs to tears.

Don’t you think he gets choked up in this video when he says, “Thank God for Jimmy Butler.” Tom Thibodeau press conference Bulls vs. Knicks Dec. 18.

“Jimmy is very versatile,” noted Thibodeau. “He’s a power guard; he can go off the dribble, post him, pick and roll with him, catch and shoot with him. He’s real smart. You can run offense with him; he can handle the ball. There’s not much he can’t do and defensively he is great. He’s as good as it gets in this league. I leave anything out?”

We need a dictionary with more adjectives.

There’s always Jimmy “MJ” Butler. I’m sure Sam Smith (Bulls blogger and award-winning author) already has the rights to JB’s story.

JB is not doing it alone. Mirotic has been a revelation, and now “they’re” saying he will be in the conversation for Rookie of the Year. Well, with 27 points, including 6 for 6 from three-point range, and 7 of 8 free throws in last night’s game, it’s definitely not unfounded. Nikola Mirotic is playing like a rookie of the year candidate.

Aaron Brooks continues his own personal circus trip, adding 15 to 20 points per game, with the most unconventional and seemingly unmake-able shots. He chipped in 17 points vs. the Grizz.

Joakim claims that following time off (he missed four games), having re-joined the team versus the Knicks, that he feels better than he has all season. He had a double double in the win against Memphis, with 10 points and 13 rebounds.

DRose contracted the flu bug (along with half of Chicago), and Taj still has a bum ankle, so neither have played the past two games. The Bulls aren’t even at full strength, and they’re getting the Ws.

What a difference a year makes. The days of basket covers (knock on the hardwood floor) seem to be over. Thibodeau, the mad scientist has oh so many offensive ingredients to stir up in those potions in his lab.

All that’s left is to make and keep the Bulls’ official New Year’s resolution (other than winning the championship). GET HEALTHY AND STAY HEALTHY.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Raptors.



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