Reasons to be thankful

Thanksgiving may be over, but there are many reasons to be thankful when it comes to our Bulls…who returned from the Circus trip with a winning (4-3) record…and we can count the injured on one hand…one finger actually, as Taj remains on the list still recovering from a sprained ankle…but Tajjjy Woo (evidently, I’ve been spelling his name incorrectly all this time) is set to return soon…and knock on wood, let’s hope the only injuries anyone sustains for the rest of the season are due to signing autographs…or, more likely, eye strain from watching Thibs’ game film on tiny computer screens…thankful for Jimmy G Buckets, the G stands for gets, greatness, godsend, gonna get paid, going to play in the All-Star game…thankful for the ugly grey jerseys, the Bulls’ latest good luck charms, as both Boston and Brooklyn wore those ugly get-ups when the Bulls beat them…thankful the Bulls are back in CHI, at the UC…for the Circus trip book-end wins, the Clippers at the start, and the Nets at the end…for sacrifice, all for one, one for all, and that Kevin Garnett didn’t bite Jo’s hand off during the Brooklyn game…for Stacey King’s numerous food-related exclamations, which bring a smile to my face, with the reservations for three, no soup for you, can I have some butter with that roll?…that Thibs smiled…for Benny the Bull…that the Bulls have a winning record….and they’re perfect (5-0) with the “official” starting lineup…I’ll leave it at that, and hope the streak continues as tonight, the Bulls face those (horrors) Western Conference Mark-Cuban-owned and Donn “Donnie” Nelson-operated Dallas Mavericks. Shout out to Donnie’s sister, and my friend Katie Nelson-Nagel.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Mavericks.

Uh oh. This just in – just saw a Tweet that Dougie McBuckets is out tonight. Bad knee. Looking forward to seeing what kind of suit he comes up with for his appearance on the bench.


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