How the West was won

OK, so maybe the Bulls haven’t exactly won the west.

So far, so good – with one win!

Evidently, the Bulls beat Lob City (Clippers) last night – convincingly.  I heard that Jo was waving towels from the bench and had his best game.

And a two-time NBA champ and All-Star (Pau Gasol) and former MVP and All-Star (DRose) were both on the bench sporting their anything but off-the-rack suits.

No problem. We’ve got JB, AB, Dun Dun and Captain Kirk. And Taji Woo.

This West Coast trip really takes its toll on me. Thankfully, with the DVR, all of the 9:30 p.m. CST games which I cannot watch due to being in cozy bed – well, I’ll enjoy them the following evening (if the Bulls win). The losses might be skips.

Cannot wait until tonight, when I can enjoy the entire Lob City game already knowing our Bulls won. And I saw on a tweet that CP3 said it was like being on the road. (There were more Bulls fans there than Clippers fans). He he. Ha ha. Only so much even the likes of Ballmer can do.

Next up:

Thursday – Kings

Friday – Trailblazers

Monday – Jazz (at least it starts at 8 p.m.)

Tuesday – Denver (8 p.m. again, but scared of the altitude)

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Please come back East with a winning record and no more injuries!


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