Chill Out

The Bulls headed north of the border last night (Canada, not Wisconsin), where Jo told the media to chill out. The Bulls also managed to chill out those pesky Raptors, with an impressive 100 to 93 win. And generally speaking, in Canada,  like in CHI – you chill out. Literally.

Oh, the Bulls are making news, lots of news as Derrick Rose, in his unintelligible and unguided way made some rather stupid comments earlier in the week about going to his son’s graduation (in 2026 I guess) and attending meetings pain-free.

What? Hello? What about 2014? Why aren’t you thinking about bringing home championship #7 now? Grant Park. Rally. #SeeRed. #BullsNation. Party with Benny the Bull?

It just won’t end for DRose, and after the Bulls had put on, what to me seemed to be by far their best performance of the season (except in the second quarter when the Bulls bench, dressed as the ImposterBulls made a really ugly appearance) – they hit another bump in the road again.

DRose fell down in Q4, and had to leave and couldn’t come back. Cue the “he’s always hurt,” “I told you so,” etc. music. I will say, that DRose looked like he was going to cry on the bench. Jo put his arm around him and tried to cheer him up. Later Big Naz was leaning over talking to him, telling what seemed to be a really long and animated story.

I think that is called the distraction technique. It’s often used for children. Here, we’re dealing with DRose, the boy in the bubble who is as talented as they come (and I’ll admit, injury-prone), but just doesn’t have a way with words. In fact, you really can’t understand what he’s saying.

But don’t kick the Bulls when they’re down. Remember: Luol Deng was traded away in exchange for salary cap space.  That’s what brought on Jo’s impassioned speech about Chicago Basketball (peppered with talk about adversity, I’m sure).

Joakim had this to say after the Bulls beat the Rap (moving into first place in the East) – referring to his brother, the floor general, superstar and team leader, DRose: “Everybody needs to chill out; chill out. Everybody needs to chill the (bleep) out.”

So here is Jo’s first formal speech of the season, in its entirety, going on about Derrick (and he didn’t even use the word adversity…Jo, you’re getting soft.)

“Looking at it as a teammate, it’s frustrating because he’s sometimes portrayed as something he is not. You don’t come back from the injuries he’s come back from without unbelievable commitment. I’m watching the power you (media) have; sometimes you guys can portray somebody as something he is not. That is a little disappointing to me because I know how much he cares about this game. I see it every day. You have injuries, you have tweaks. Every time something happens to him, people act like it’s the end of the world. That’s so lame to me. Relax, OK? He’s coming back from two crazy surgeries. Obviously, we are being conservative with him. He has to listen to his body more than anybody. I just don’t like it when people portray him and judge him. It’s not fair to him.”

As it turns out, sounds like Derrick just has a hamstring sprain.

Oh, and about the game – five Bulls in double figures, double double (again) for Pau Pau Pau Pau Pau.

I had to turn the volume off because I couldn’t remain sane listening to the clowns, I mean commentators on TNT.

Saturday, a team we used to love to hate, the Pacers are in town. Boy, how injuries can alter a season. Let’s hope the Bulls can beat them, as they may only have six players left. We feel your pain.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Pacers.

Note: I incorrectly listed the final score as 103 to 93 in the first paragraph. It’s been corrected. Math. Not strong suit.


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