Have fun at the rebounding clinic

It seems that you cannot win basketball games by sleepwalking. And that’s exactly what the Bulls did last night versus the Celtics.

By the third quarter, it was too painful to watch. I not only had to look away, I had to turn off the game completely. What a fair weather Bulls fan.

But Aaron Brooks, next in a long string of backup (or backup to the backup) point guards who Tom Thibodeau has saved from obscurity…well, Brooks almost single-handedly won the game for the Bulls in the end. (I turned the game back on…who wants to read a book anyway?) They were down 17, then he scored and scored and scored (19 total in Q4), and brought the Bulls to within three.

But his late-game heroics weren’t enough to revive the ImposterBulls, who made their season’s first appearance versus the Celtics, losing 106 to 101 in the end.

Maybe the silver lining is another career revived?

“I came in here lacking confidence,” Brooks admitted. “Even when I doubted myself, he (Thibodeau) told me. ‘I watched you play. You’ve done well; keep working hard.’ It’s been a breath of fresh air for me. When you have a coach working with you instead of against you, it gives you more confidence to go out there and play hard. It gives you confidence in yourself. It allows you to do a little more. Even when I do lack confidence at times, he’s there to help me out.”

As Derrick sat out yet another game, making it four of the seven games, and Jo looks like he needs a walker to get up and down the floor. Well, things are a little grim at the moment.

It is rather hard to believe that the these “little engines that could” (Nate Robinson, D.J. Augustin, now Aaron Brooks), getting paid the veteran’s minimum, or if not that, nowhere DRose’s salary…are the ones who save seasons and win games. How much is it DRose makes? I never was very good at math, but I think it starts with a Z. As in zillions.

Frustration might be setting in here at Bulls Banter headquarters. And if it’s that way for me, imagine how the guys on the team must feel. But you’d never know there was discontent from their camp.

The rebounding clinic Thibs is sure to hold today will hopefully start our Bulls down the right path. “We‘ve got to challenge shots better. Our ball pressure wasn’t great, our defensive transition wasn’t great, our rebounding wasn’t great. So there’s a lot we can correct.”

Next up are the Pistons, and UConn man Andre Drummond, who I’ll admit I did like when he was on the USA Basketball team this summer. But I could be less of a fan on Monday night, especially if he gets lots of rebounds and points in the paint.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Score, play defense and rebound please.

Beat the Pistons.

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