Is this like similar to what a playoff game feels like?

During Cavaliers-Bulls, Kyrie Irving asked Mike Miller if this is what a playoff game feels like.

So I was at the “almost playoff” game on Friday – the Bulls vs. the Cavs at the UC for the Bulls’ home opener. It’s probably fortunate that I don’t have enough time or money to attend too many games, because boy, do they take a lot out of you.

The cheering, jeering, booing, screaming, yelling, taunting. The next day, I was beat, and I didn’t even step on the court.

Yet, the game was everything I could have hoped for. Having attended the Bulls vs. Heat last March, I had already been to an “almost playoff” game. In fact, the hatred for the Heat probably ran deeper at that time. That level of intensity was unprecedented.

Me and DRose at the Bulls vs. Cavs game (Bulls  home opener) on Halloween 2014.
Me and DRose at the Bulls vs. Cavs game (Bulls home opener) on Halloween 2014.

The rivalry with the Cavs is just amping up, and one has to understand – other than Jo’s “What’s so great about Cleveland” rant back in 2010, which caused him to be the victim of the jeers and boos in Cleveland – it’s been rather difficult to get psyched for Cavs games these past years.

The Cavs weren’t very good. And while I do enjoy saying “Sideshow Bob,” as much as possible, and paid attention for the few minutes that Luol l was there, up until you-know-who brought his “talents” back to OH, who would think this would ever be one of the biggest rivalries in basketball? Prior to this moment, there was never much interest. And add insult to injury with the awful uniforms (almost worse than the poor Bucks) – and Bulls vs. Cavs was a game you could actually miss.

Not so much any more, but the UC roof remained intact Friday night. But at the end, when Kirk saved the game at the end of Q4 with Captain Kirk-like 3-pointers and heroics, and even some fist-pumping, well, the place was pretty amped then.

Everybody was on their feet – screaming, clapping, yelling DE-FENSE during the Cavs possessions and “Let’s Go Bulls” when the good guys had the ball. And then there were the two guys next to me – probably middle aged (sigh) like me, and I’m guessing season ticket holders, because they refused to stand up, and along the lines of Kryie, were questioning just what kind of game this was.

Certainly not the second game of the season.  They were saying, “What do these people think this is, a playoff game?” Given I probably bought my all-I-can-afford-is-three-games/year seat from these two season ticket holders, I just ignored them and continued with my cheering, jeering, yelling, and LeBron booing.

Everybody seemed to sprain an ankle (Taj) or two (DRose), and the Bulls forgot how to rebound, but the offense seems to be coming around. The Bulls didn’t get the W, but in the spirit of maintaining sanity and lower blood pressure this year – I didn’t freak out. There’s 79 more games left!

See you in the post-season Kyrie. By then, Bulls’ fans collective hatred will have successfully increased to the appropriate level, so you best bring along your ear plugs, and be prepared for defeat.

While the Bulls played the Timberwolves last night (Saturday), I was enjoying a lovely filet dinner at Chicago Cut Steak House, so now it’s time to watch the replay. DVR I love you!

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Magic.

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