When a Loss Is Really a Win

So this worked out, at least for me, with the Bulls losing their final two preseason games: Monday to the Cavs, and last night (Friday) to the Timberwolves.

The headline for both games is the same – the Bulls lose, but DRose’s 30- and 27-point performances, respectively – are a big win. And let’s hope, that as DRose goes, so go the Bulls. But it hasn’t happened quite yet, with Derrick being the sole shining star thus far.

I got to thinking last night, with the now Kevin Love-less Timberwolves running up and down the court for fastbreaks, darting around stealing the ball – that it could already be time for a call to the Commissioner. We need to have the Bulls’ schedule adjusted so they only play Eastern Conference teams + the Lakers.

Then, good things are sure to happen. Why, oh why, do the Western Conference teams have to run so much, and so fast? Is it because they wouldn’t know a defensive scheme if it came up and bit them? I dunno, but give me boring, slow, lots of passing, and please no Lob City!

“Too many fastbreaks,” noted Rose about the fourth quarter close. “Turnovers first off, and they got to the open court. With the guys they had out there, they had a faster group with LaVine and the other guys. They played well, knocking down shots, having confidence to take the shots and easy baskets. We put them at the line, too. It didn’t fall in our favor.”

Notice I haven’t yet begun to rant and rave. No one is in season form yet – not the Bulls, and not me either. Confession – I fell asleep during most of the second half, and woke up to see the Bulls trying to win in the last few minutes. That didn’t work out so well. Just five days until the Wednesday night fight in Madison Square Garden (season opener vs. Melo and the Knicks), so let’s get it together everybody.

Joakim had this to say: “This is a team game. You win together, you lose together. I think the mindset is good. If our edge isn’t where it needs to be…Hopefully, (it’s) because it’s preseason. There’s definitely a lot of things worth noting.”

Since this game was not at the United Center, but rather, the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, where the St. Louis Blues hockey team plays, the TV angle was horrible (at least for my tired, poor old eyes), and I could hardly see the guys. It’s like the camera was all the way up in section 300, and the players were miniatures. But I could sure still hear Thibs yelling.

If I were the Bulls, I would stay in St. Louis, and try to blend in with the Blackhawks the next time they’re there to play the Blues (that would be Saturday night…). The idea of a plane ride home with Thibs after that game. Well, a root canal is preferred.

“We’ve obviously got a lot of work to do,” Thibodeau said when asked in general about what he saw. “Give up 30, score 21 (in the fourth quarter). Blow a 13-point lead. Turn the ball over like crazy.”

There’s a lot of film to look at. A lot. Could the mad scientist (Thibs) be up to something, with this 4-4 preseason record? Is he trying to fool everybody, by using wacky lineups, resulting in hapless plays, disarray and generally bad basketball? I would put nothing past that guy.

So come Wednesday, “We’ll see.”

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Do Your Job!

Beat the Knicks.


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