What’s the opposite of unacceptable?

So Bulls Banter is taking a different direction today, and leading with the Bears.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m just not a football fan. And when 80% of the sports stories – online, radio, TV – leading up to a Bears game, following a Bears game, during a Bears game – are all about football, well, it irks me.

Ah, it’s a football town. It’s a Bears town. And I would like them to win (it would be easier to bear [ha ha] post-game analysis about wins).

But yesterday, yowza. I kind of got the gist that they lost a game (versus Miami) that they were supposed to win. And boy, it was UNACCEPTABLE.

The coach says it’s unacceptable. The players (namely Brandon Marshall) says it’s unacceptable. Over and over and over. Another player says the fans booing is unacceptable (and I will agree with him there).

I’m sorry for their loss, but you know what IS acceptable, and is downright BETTER than acceptable?

That our Bulls won again, this time they beat those new-look, new-name Charlotte Hornets. Even more acceptable was the fact that DRose, Jo and Pau closed the game. And, another unlikely hero emerged – Captain Kirk, with 26 points. Yes. Kirk was on fire. And that’s not an everyday occurrence.

Although the fact that the Bulls once again let double-digit leads disappear faster than I can devour mint chip ice cream, well, that’s unacceptable.

Only downside was Jimmy Gets Buckets had to leave early because he tried to steal the ball from a Hornet in the passing lane (I’m fancy now…I know what a passing lane is, thank you, Neil and Stacey), and diagnosis is sprained thumb.

Losing JB to an injury on the eve of the WWE fight with Cavs — unfortunate. Who is going to guard LeBron now? Stupid question.

They’ll do it collectively (thanks Thibs). And in other news, Jo thinks that it would serve Thibs well if they did some yoga together. I think we best apply Thibs rule #1. Do your job. Yoga is NOT in Thibs’ job description for darn sure.

From a recent interview with Jo in the Daily Beast.

Interviewer: Coach Thibodeau always looks like he’s on the verge of an aneurism. What, if anything, could you do to calm him down?

Jo: “He looks like that whether he’s happy or sad. But I’d have him do yoga with me. He could use that.”

In all seriousness, this is not a laughing matter. It’s the first look at the team we now love to hate – those Cleveland Cavaliers. Booing: acceptable. Winning: more than acceptable.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Cavs.

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