Bulls Win NBA Championship #7!!!!

The Bulls defeat the Atlanta Hawks 85 to 84, erasing a 19-point Hawks lead behind Jimmy Butler’s 20-point fourth quarter. Bulls win! They win Championship #7!!!! By the way the crowd reacted, you would have thought the parade and rally were scheduled for this Monday.

In all reality, it was just another preseason win, bringing our Bulls to a record of 3-2. And once again, the offense was non-existent, there were sloppy Bad News Bears type plays, a lot of sleepwalking, and most horrifying – even a lack of defense.

But Jimmy Butler to the rescue, with his 29 total points, 20 in the final quarter. As Thibs likes to say – he did it all, even the laundry.

Jimmy G Buckets (the G stands for Gets)…Jimmy Jordan…the Butler Did It…JB. In case you want to watch it…Jimmy Butler’s game-winning shot.

United Center crowd and JB react after his three-pointer to lead the Bulls to victory versus the Hawks.
United Center crowd and JB react after his three-pointer to lead the Bulls to victory versus the Hawks.

During the game, I was tweeting about the basket covers appearing again, the offensive woes continuing, but as is always the case, the Bulls found a way.

In other basketball news, I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon watching an NBA Hardwood Classic today — the Bulls vs. the Celtics in the 2009 playoffs, a triple OT thriller.

Is it wrong that I got such great satisfaction from seeing Rajon Rondo get booed every time he touched the ball? It really does make the LeBron booing thing seem like child’s play. And Thibs sitting (or mostly standing) at the Celtics bench indeed felt weird.

Even then, the Bulls were scrappy. Does anyone know who Brad Miller, John Salmons or Ben Gordon are? Well, maybe Ben…he went to UConn. Jo was far from an All-Star then, and Luol must have been injured because he was on the bench. DRose was the reigning Rookie of the Year, but other than him, we’re not talking a Championship-looking team, at least on paper.

The scrappy guys from CHI gave the Celtics, and all their finesse, and three-pointers, and Paul Pierce, Big Baby Davis, and Kendrick Perkins (who Jo still hates to this day – they scuffled in the OKC locker room last season), well, the Bulls gave them a run for their money.

They did it with heart back in 2009, and were derailed after that by those other guys (Miami Heat), and several unfortunate injuries for their superstar. But they never lost heart, and never will.

For now, it’s practice, preparation and do your job. That’s what goes into winning, a wise man named Thibs once said. And even though he needs a tranquilizer (or five), I prefer him stalking the sidelines of our Chicago Bulls bench than that of the opponent.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Bobcats, I mean, Hornets (from Charlotte).


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