Great Expectations

My draft blog, “The World Must Be Ending,” which was penned, or typewritten when the Bulls were all tied up with the Heat in the basement of the Eastern Conference has thankfully been replaced and rewritten.

I watched a replay (I have DVR now) of the Bulls vs. Bucks game, and despite the fact that Thibs starting a rookie, Doug McDermott does support the world must be ending theory, I was more excited about the great expectations.

Thibs was not going to let them lose that game, and sink even further in a hole, with a 0-3 preseason record. No, there would be none of that. He started Dougie McBuckets in place of Mike Dunleavy, Jr., who had some knee soreness.

And with that starting group – DRose, Pow!, Jo, Jimmy Butler and McDermott – you could see that this Bulls team can go places.

It was a night filled with Stacey King-isms, with “free cheese,” which is fitting given Wisconsin’s cheese tradition and history. With Dougie McBuckets passing to Jimmy Gets Buckets, it’s just lots of buckets, and there was “no soup for you,” and “let me step back and kiss myself.” Ah, it’s good to be back.

In other basketball news, who didn’t get injured this weekend? Knocking on wood…it wasn’t Derrick. But in addition to Paul George being out, KD has a broken ankle, Bradley Beal has a wrist inury, Raymond Felton sprained his ankle. A little bad luck sure can derail a season.

And with Thibs, we all know it’s about knowing your job and doing your job. And this year, a theme of putting in the work. “I am very concerned whether we’re putting the work in that’s necessary to win,” Thibodeau said. “Who plays will be based on performance. If your game isn’t sharp, I’m going to the next guy.”

I don’t think I’d survive too long with Thibs as my coach, but at least there’s video evidence he’s laughed at least once in his life: Tom Thibodeau’s Laugh is Downright Demonic.

And despite the fact that there seemed to be more applause for the Bulls than the Bucks at United Center North, I was at least happy to see that Jabari Parker was widely applauded, and Jo even got booed. The poor Bucks – they just need to get out of the midwest. If there’s ever a Bulls vs. Bucks playoff series, they won’t even have home court advantage at home.

Ah, it’s not for me to worry about I guess, as we’ve got to get ready for the Denver Nuggets tonight, and our pal Nate Robinson, who I sure liked a lot more when he was wearing a Bulls uniform.

Hopefully, the Bulls will make it to the middle of the pack with a win tonight, and a 2-2 preseason record. Then again, what award did the Bulls get for their league-leading 8-0 preseason record last year. Right. Zippo.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Nuggets.



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