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The USA Men’s Basketball team defeated Serbia today, 129-92 to win the gold medal in the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Was I the only one crying? While the guys didn’t shed any tears on the platform, the minute the National Anthem starts playing, I’m done.

Proud to be an American. Proud of what Team USA accomplished, winning by 20+ points in all nine of the games in the tournament. And not to mention – they won all four exhibitions.

As Coach K said in the Going for Gold video, “I want you to bring your bodies. I want you to bring your minds. And I want you to bring your hearts.” Basketball lesson. Life lesson.

People have been wondering where I’ve been. Where have the world-renowned Bulls Banter blogs gone? How have my readers survived without a consistent dose of the bantering?

With these odd game start times, mostly during the day, when people like me (umm, I’m not independently wealthy) have to work, and with the late evening replays, and since someone doesn’t have DVR capabilities, it’s been a crazy USA Men’s Basketball watching schedule.

I love the way the “superstars” all abandoned the FIBA ship, one by one – KD, Melo, K-Love. Yet the team Coach K assembled played together, played as one, played for each other, and superstars indeed emerged: Kyrie Irving, Kenneth “The Manimal” Faried, Anthony Davis, and James Harden (despite the questionable defense). UConn man Rudy Gay had a great run as well.

We learned a lot during this World Cup experience.

Coach Thibs does know how to sit down for more than two minutes.

My shooting percentage might be better than DRose’s. And he won’t (or can’t) dance, just like me.

But he seems to enjoy his champagne: Team USA locker room celebration.

Pau Gasol’s play was nothing short of amazing. If he is able to recover from Spain’s unexpected loss and bring that kind of game to the Bulls, well, I better put in my request to take vacation for the Bulls rally. [Note – Pau was also named to the All-Tournament Team.]

You might be wondering to yourself – whatever will I do now that the FIBA World Cup is over? No more USA games creates a huge void.

There’s a different kind of Basketball World Championship coming your way, and the USA roster will feature none other than Cindy Joy “Cinjo” Olsen – playing for her home country in the Accenture Basketball World Cup. Team rosters and exact schedule to be released shortly, but Argentina and China are first up in the tournament. I wonder if we can gain more viewers than the FIBA World Cup? That’s actually probably not too difficult.

In all seriousness, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this team of lesser known players, many of whom are on their way to superstar status, or trying to re-gain superstar status (we love you DRose! Once you get to play with an NBA basketball, not the cruddy FIBA one, you will make some shots). I loved the attitude, the team spirit, the drive, the attempt at humility, when really, there’s no reason to be.

Let’s face it – the USA deserved to win this thing. There was never really any contest. Oh, if I could only say and write the same when it comes to the 82-game Bulls season. That’s a long story for another blog.

With USA Basketball, and this group in particular, it was all for one and one for all. Coach Thibs, “No one cared about their statistics. They just cared about winning. And that’s what makes it special.” [Source: Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson via twitter, @KCJhoop.]

Congratulations! Proud of Team USA. And proud, as always to be an American.

Now, it’s on to Bulls basketball. Training camp in two weeks. First preseason game October 6. Thibs best remember how to pace the sidelines by then.

We’re all looking forward to seeing how DRose got his shot back.

See Red (White, and Blue)!


Go Bulls!


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