Top 10 takeaways from USA vs. Brazil game

So I had the privilege of attending the USA vs. Brazil “friendly” game last night at the United Center, and this was the view from my seat.

photo (14)

photo (15)


Here are my top 10 takeaways from the game:

10.) Chicago loves its basketball…and/or maybe just loves its hometown hero, DRose. It was a sold-out show, with high security, lines to get into the UC, and applause for DRose when he walked on the court, off the court, sat on the floor, made a basket, missed a basket, got treatment for a cut.

9.) Thibs DOES know how to sit down, but not continuously. For the most part, he remained on the bench, although he did manage to jump out of his chair to bark at some of the guys about getting back to the other end of the floor, or defense, or rather, lack of defense.

8.) I know my basketball players (easily identified Jalen Rose and Shawn Marion, and finally figured out Jabari Parker), but I’m not so well-versed when it comes to the rappers. The kid next to me informed me this is Common.


7.) The Chicago Bulls will benefit by having DRose “shake the rust off” playing for USA Basketball so he’s ready to go when the season (aka Championship Season #7) starts in late October.

6.) Chicago fans are loyal to a fault, and will boo anybody who gets in their way. Nene – lots of booing, likely due to last year’s playoffs whooping. Sideshow Bob (Anderson Varejao) – medium booing, Cavs or just because of who he is? But these guys were from the opponent. Kyrie Irving, now guilty by association by way of LeBron and the Cavs – some booing. On the upside, when DRose and Sideshow delivered “greetings” to open the game, at least the crowd attempted to applaud Sideshow, a little bit.

5.) To increase chances of making it into the TV coverage of the game, always wear a bright color (pink, etc.), and further increase your chances by getting your hair styled by Marcello.


4.) I’m a big old softie. I felt badly that Coach K didn’t play Andre Drummond or Gordon Hayward, and maybe one other guy, other than Boogie Cousins, who is dealing with the knee issue. But rest assured, I’m not going to feel the same way when any of these guys show up to play our Bulls.

3.) Anthony Davis is a beast. I mean, that guy can play. Yikes. I really like having him on our side for the USA’s efforts, but thankfully, the Bulls will only see “Ant” and his Pelicans twice in 14-15. I’m scared.

2.) I cannot WAIT for the season to start. Meantime, USA Mean’s Basketball and the FIBA World Cup definitely fill a void.

1.) He’s back!


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