Today is the start of a new day

So says DRose at USA Basketball training camp, AKA “DRose Returns Part 55,” as the exacting eyes of the entire world were on Derrick yesterday in Vegas. It’s reported that he walked, sat on a chair, tied his shoes, ran up and down the floor (got winded), talked to Thibs, dunked the ball, and I think drank some water.

That Derrick. He does it all.

There’s been a lot of frustration these past few years, among the Bulls fan base, and this is likely not the first time you’ve heard about it. He has played 49 games in three years, and got paid zillions.

Yet injuries happen. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but this will be THE LAST time. The one who should be most frustrated is DRose.

Yet it seems like he’s had his fair share of therapy, and is saying all the right things.

“I get rest. I don’t have the whole team on my back. I’ve got other great players out there to take that pressure off. So my job is to bring energy to the game and play defense.”

“Being smart with my speed, instead of just running wild out there and being smart, becoming a smarter player. But I’m mad it took seven years to learn.”

DRose is 25, and he’s a bit upset about his seven-year learning curve, but the fact that he’s starting to figure it out now seems like cause for rejoicing.

I applaud his attitude, his perseverance and team leadership. During that same interview at “DRose Returns Part 55” training camp, Derrick said that he has too many positives going his way, namely, his son and his family.

Talk is cheap, though, and we’re two days into this, so there’s a long long way to go with the Bulls’ 2014-2015 pursuit of Championship #7. But this year, things are gonna be a little different.

GarPax are (is?) not going to take any chances with assuming it’s all Derrick all the time any more. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. With the offseason additions, namely a World Champion with an incredible “pedigree” as Jo puts it, in Pau Gasol, plus the rooks (McDermott, Bairstow), plus Taj who should be a starter but now won’t be a starter because of Pau, but he’ll win sixth man. Well, that’s not such a shabby group

If the worst happened (dare I say injury #3, and I’m not talking about my stress fracture) – the Bulls could still make a respectable run.

If all remain healthy, well, I’m afraid to type it…I best just quote Joakim himself:

“Every day I work out, that’s all I think about…is just how great that party would be after we win the championship.”

To experience just what we can expect during the impending celebration, if you dare, take a look at Joakim Noah Busts a Move. (Was that too much?)

Does the idea that I might have to watch two and a half hours of the USA Basketball training camp this evening indicate just how anxious I am for this season to get started? Good thing we have this FIBA World Cup coming up at the end of August into September, or I would be beside myself!

The team is in place.* Thibs is busy barking orders in Vegas, getting his voice all geared up. Tony Snell has evidently learned how to eat even more than me. Cinjo is re-acclimating herself to this concept of blogging.

Get ready to See Red and Go Bulls!

Pre-season games start in just about two months.

*Note – the Bulls are not getting Kevin Love. What LeBron wants, LeBron gets. Sigh. Why can’t Cleveland move to the Atlantic Division? Philly would fit in rather nicely around here in the Central.


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