An MVP, two guys from Spain and the Captain

The Bulls, Thibs, Bulls fans didn’t end up acquiring the Superstars who could have undoubtedly led the team to the 2015 NBA championship. No Melo. No Cinjo.

Everyone is having a difficult time getting over the loss, but is it a loss when you never even had Melo to begin with? I know, I know, you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition. But money talks, and the $50 million or whatever extra he gets with the Knicks. Well, that equates to about a million to me. Take the money and run, I say.

Within two days from finding out the Bulls lost in the Melo Sweepstakes, they managed to establish their starting lineup, with poor Taj taking his place back on the bench as sixth man to make room for Pau Gasol. FYI – Pau, he’s Spanish.

Taj seemed to have broken into the starting lineup, at least for the summer, but team guy that he is, Taj will accept his role as sixth man (of the year) during the upcoming season.

Probable starting lineup: DRose, Jimmy Butler, Mike Dunleavy Jr., Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah.

But FYI, Nikola Mirotic, who is coming over from Spain, where he has played for Real Madrid up until now. Well, he’s not a Spaniard, but he was playing in Spain. This distinction is important, lest anyone accuse me of getting my facts wrong. Mirotic is from Montenegro, umm, a different country.

DRose is the Bulls’ biggest acquisition. A distinction should also be made here. A healthy DRose who plays all 82 regular season games and the playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals – he’s the Bulls’ most significant 2014-2015 “acquisition.”

Captain Kirk re-signs, for a hometown discount, although much to the dismay of many Bulls fans. They wanted last year’s season saver, D.J. Augustin, but the Bulls couldn’t have paid him as much as he got in Detroit anyway. And the Captain is one of poor Coach Thibs’ favorites. Since Thibs seems to be taking the “loss” of Melo the hardest of anyone, I think GarPax cut him a break and brought the Captain back.

Like Avis, it will be another year of “we try harder,” as there’s no Melo with 30 to 40 points/night.

But I imagine that Thibs is already drawing up plays to include all of these big men, as there seem to be zillions of them.

The question remains – how, when and where will the points come from? Learn more about it on the next episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Yes, I watched the Vegas Summer League game last night, with Doug McDermott and his 31 points and Tony Snell and his three-pointers. I caught the Thibs interview, where he still sounded a bit dejected. Thibs, don’t worry, I’ll cheer you up at the USA Basketball game in August.

The landscape of the Central Division has certainly changed, and so have our Bulls. While our hated opponents (the Heat) will have to remain enemies, it’s not going to be as easy to muster up the rage with our pal Luol Deng on the team.

I’d rather view the way the Eastern Conference is unfolding as an opportunity. Because our Bulls are sure looking a lot stronger than they did at this time last year.


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