July 1, 2014 – An Important Day in Chicago Basketball

NBA Free Agency begins today, and the Bulls are to host Carmelo Anthony here in CHI, or what used to be CHI, if the city hasn’t become part of Lake Michigan following yesterday’s rain storms. If he chooses based on weather, we don’t have a chance.

Oh, and ICYMI, DRose is still not recruiting. So despite the fact that it’s three years later, and only 50 games have been played, he continues to be a PR disaster for our Bulls. Sigh. If he wasn’t such a good player, back in 2011, I would actually be getting a bit frustrated. Actions speak louder than words, so we’ll give him a chance on the floor, but here’s some advice: “Shut up!”

And really big news in Bulls basketball, their # 1 fan and wannabe star player, Cindy Joy “Cinjo” Olsen gets to remove the orthopedic shoe, which Dr. Kelikian has had me wearing since around the time our Bulls defeated those evil other guys (the Heat) – on Sunday, March 9, 2014, aka “The Best Day of My Life.”

So things are looking up, with me back on the court, Melo coming into the Bulls fold, and the arrival of Dougie McBuckets. Not sure how long Jimmer Time will last, but the Bulls are on their way back, and reinforcements are arriving, slowly but surely.

Counting down the days until the 2014-2015 season begins, and here’s the starting lineup for your Chicago Bulls:




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