Bulls back in the series behind “Dunlevee’s” 35 points, JB makes Nene disappear

So the Bulls work a bit of their own wizardry in DC Friday night, with Jimmy and Nene in a Friday Night fight. And once again, unexpected heroes emerge. This time, it was “Mike don’t leave me open Dunleavy,” or Dunlevee, as Thibs calls him.

Not sure why Thibs can’t pronounce his name, given Dunleavy’s Dad is a rather famous NBA coach, and I believe Dunleavy’s name is announced part of the starting lineups in arenas where he plays. But we’ll let it slide. Thibs admitted in an interview yesterday he’s been watching all of the other playoff games.

How does the man have enough time, when he’s only got a day and a half to put together a game plan to enable the Bulls to destroy the Wiz, and also had to set up a makeshift basketball court in the DC area hotel where the Bulls held their “walkthrough” Saturday.

Those are issues for others to solve, meantime, in their “do whatever it takes” fashion, the Bulls will hopefully find a way to capitalize on Nene’s absence today (he was suspended by the League for “head-butting and grabbing guard-forward Jimmy Butler of the Chiago Bulls around the neck with both hands and attempting to throw him down.”

Let me just put it out there now. A Nene fan I am not. Nor am I a fan of John Wall. The rest of the Wizards. I’ll take them or leave them. But leave them is the preference, in the dust, in three more games, to be exact.

I’m excited for Dunleavy, who’s played in the league for 12 years, and has only made it into the playoffs twice – once with the Pacers, and then last year with the Bucks, as the eighth seed in the East, facing Miami. Wonder how that turned out?

Coming out of Friday’s game, Dunleavy’s iPad blew up due to all of the friends, fans, pals, various and sundry tweeting, e-mailing, facebooking about his 35-point performance. He couldn’t sleep Friday night.

Jo was most worried about what he would have for lunch Saturday, and reported he may go with eggs benedict, and said he would get to bed early. Early for me is 9 p.m. Jo, maybe midnight?

Joakim: “You’ve seen all three of these games have really come down to the end. Dunleavy played huge for us. Jimmy played huge for us. A lot of guys stepped up. I’m proud of this team. It was a hostile environment and we have a quick turnaround so we have to come back ready to go.”

It might not be a Sunday afternoon fight, but we’ll all eagerly wait to see which new hero or heroes emerge today.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Wizards and bring it back to CHI all tied up.


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