Bulls extend win streak to 6 games with defeat of Timberwolves

I’ve gone off the deep end, with the monitoring of the Toronto Raptors, the live game scores, who they’re playing next, home or away, the injuries, what they’re eating for dinner. I’ve become more obsessed about the Bulls’ securing the third seed than anyone from the Bulls organization.

Unless maybe they’re lying, all of them, when coaches and players alike “claim” they don’t care who they face in the playoffs.

We all know the truth. Brooklyn is not our top choice.

First of all, it would be nice with a little variety. Spice of life and all.

Secondly it would be even better to face a team that doesn’t have a bunch of savvy, slithery, skilled and sneaky veterans. Give me those Wizards or Bobcats any day.

So to try to convince myself that I would be better off to stop worrying about things I can’t control, I’ve decided to channel my best Thibs.

Here’s what the man the legend Coach Thibodeau had to say last night following the Bulls’ convincing (at least in the second half) and rather surprising (Timberwolves are in the Western Conference) victory vs. our friends from Minnesota:


“The thing is, there are a number of teams playing well right now. Toronto being one of them.

For us, I don’t want us to change our approach. We started the season a certain way. Concentrate on what’s in front of you. So we’ll take a look at this game look at the things we did well, look at the things we didn’t do as well as we would like. Make our corrections. Study our opponent. Get ready for the next one. Put everything we have into it. Play for the team and just try to keep building.

If our concentration is on improvement and going step by step the results will take care of themselves, we don’t have to worry about what anyone else is doing.”

Thibs spoke to me. No more Oh Canada! watch.

Instead, let’s be thankful that no one is hurt, that the Bulls are riding the winningest (is that a word??) win streak in the NBA, at six games, and they’ve outdone themselves, compared to last year, when they landed fifth place in the East at 45 and 37.

This year, tied for #3 in the East, they’re at 46 and 32. Thinking back to the nightmare that was late November, and the doldrums of December, one would never have imagined the Bulls would find themselves in this position.

Except maybe the Bulls. And I know, my critics will shoot down my UConn Men’s basketball analogy, where everyone discounted them, just like our Bulls. But humor me just for a minute…it’s kinda sorta the same.

But looking back at Minnesota, you have to give those fans a bit of credit. Their team didn’t make the playoffs, and hasn’t for what, 10 years, and the arena looked at least half full, and those in attendance didn’t seem half dead. Don’t get me started on baseball and the stadiums with 1,200 people when there’s supposed to be 21,000.

The Bulls were too much for the Timberwolves. Too much Jo, with his triple double, too much D.J. with his three-pointers. And with everyone playing as a team and sharing the basketball and that defense. Well, you might think this Bulls team could be somebody.

Ooops, I forgot. The Bulls don’t have a chance, remember? And to think last year, it was the walking wounded, the half-dead, with their IVs, spinal taps, barf buckets and plantar who showed up to play the Brooklyn Nets.

What a difference a year makes. No one is in the hospital, they’ve brought in reinforcements (C.J. Watson, Mike James and Lou Amundson), everybody knows their job and does their job.

Yet three things remain the same.

No DRose.

No problem.

The Bulls dispatch Brooklyn for an early summer vacation in late April.

But first, they have to finish off four more opponents – Detroit, Knicks, Orlando and Bobcats. For once, I’ll call Adam Silver to thank him for the schedule.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Pistons.




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