ICYMI: Bulls destroy Wizards 96 to 78

In Case You Missed It because you were too busy watching the UConn Huskies beat the Florida Gators (Yahoo! Yippee, Woot Woot), there was another big win in the basketball world, as our Bulls defeated those Wizards in DC.

1.) Bulls finally on the right end of a blowout, going into halftime up 52 to 26, and leading by 20 or so through most of the game.

2.) U.S. Department of Defense hired Thibs and Bulls for series of multi-day defensive workshops this summer.

3.) Jo brought the finger pistols out again in the first quarter.

4.) D.J. did the “Louisiana skip,” as Stacey King called it, following one of his six 3-pointers.

5.) Jimmertime started early, with a few minutes left in the fourth quarter, to a standing ovation by the DC crowd. Hmmm. Who is this Jimmer?

6.) JB sat down with three minutes left in the fourth.

7.) Thibs sat down too. Seems that 18-point margin with two minutes left in the game indicates floor stalking is no longer required.

8.) Wizards cite fatigue due to late arrival from previous night’s game as an excuse for the loss. Bulls arrived at 3 a.m. from CHI after beating the Bucks. But who’s counting?

9.) Tornike “Toko” Shengelia (who? oh right, that player they got from Brooklyn who sits on the bench by DRose) dunked on a pass from D.J.

10.) Thibs schedules an non-televised game Monday night to trick the Bulls into thinking they’re playing their “usual” schedule. Otherwise, with three days off, you know what will happen Wednesday night in Minnescrapolis when the Bulls face the Timberwolves.

Bulls remain in a tie with Oh Canada! Raptors at #3 in the East, and if those north of the border boys keep it up, it looks like our Bulls may end up in a re-match with Brooklyn in round one. It may take seven games, but been there. Done that.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Timberwolves!

And, let’s go UConn – men and women!

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