Anything but pretty tour continues, Bulls beat Bucks 102 to 90

This was one of the games the Bulls were supposed to win. And for a while, it looked like a shoe-in, and perhaps Thibs could make it a Jimmer night, but I think he only made it in for the last possession.

When your 22-point lead to the lowliest team in the NBA is cut to six, it does not make for a happy Thibs, nor a happy Cinjo.

Although more ugly than pretty, the Bulls managed to get it done, again, with almost everybody but the assistant coaches, Benny the Bull and the ball boys scoring in double figures. And that’s the only way our Bulls can win.

JB and Captain Kirk led the Bulls with 17 each, followed up by D.J. and Boozer with 14 each, Taji Woo with 13, Dunleavy with 12 and Jo with 11.

“We shared the ball well,” coach Tom Thibodeau said.

“I love the balance of the team,” said Thibs. “We got seven guys in double figures again. The shot distribution is pretty even. That’s important. The rebounding is starting to come back, which is encouraging. Overall, our bigs did a very good job. Each night it could be someone different. Whoever has the hot hand or a favorable matchup, that’s the way we want to go, share the ball, make the right plays, make the right decisions.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Bucks need to just high tail it as far away as possible from CHI. They need to go into an NBA witness protection program or something. New names, faces, uniforms, arena. It was bad enough when they were actually a decent team, but now, with this dismal record and the ugliest uniforms on the planet, you don’t know if you should laugh or cry.

And speaking of crying. The energizer bunny that is the Toronto Raptors keeps going and going. Come on already! I had to resort to rooting for the Pacers to beat them just so the Bulls could take sole possession of #3, and those darn Raptors are victorious again!

So it’s becoming the wild wild East, and it’s anything but quiet, as nothing is settled in the “lowly” conference. They laughed at the East all season, but who’s laughing now, with Brooklyn and Chicago bringing two of the best records in 2014, and teams like the Knicks fighting to make it in.

The NBA, with its infinite wisdom, seeing how horrific those Knicks and those Bulls were playing back in December, moved the upcoming April 13 Sunday afternoon showdown between the Knicks and Bulls from national TV. Hey, I welcome Neil and Stacey and the hometown call and am happy to forego the anti-Bulls national commentators anyway. So I hope that everybody enjoys the Raptors and Pistons game they put in its place.

So tonight, despite you may think, there is another game other than UConn men vs. Florida. It’s Bulls and Wizards. Just check your phone for the score, and hope the Wizards’ spells are kept to a minimum in a game would could be a round one playoff preview.

Notes: There are at least six injured Bucks players, so you have to cut them a break, and be thankful…knock on wood…all of the Bulls are healthy. The Bulls waived a rook, Erik “Murph” Murphy to get some veteran help for the playoffs. My foot boot comes off today, I’m what you’d call old, I mean, a veteran, so it looks like the timing is quite fortuitous. Eaglery awaiting Thibs’ call.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Wizards.

[And Huskies beat the Gators!]

Correction: The 1 p.m. EDT matinee game on April 13 is not the Raptors vs. the Pistons. It’s the Pacers vs. OKC.

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