Behind balanced scoring, Bulls beat Celtics again, D.J. answers

Just trying to get us prepped for the second season, they went ahead and showed us they can sweep a series, and beat teams back to back.

OK, so, it was only the Celtics, but still. We’ll take it. The Celtics coaching brain trust found an answer for D.J. A “little” guy named Phil Pressey. The kid was indeed annoying, pesky and rather omnipresent.

No problem. D.J. just countered by becoming the night’s leading assist man, with 11, and left the scoring to his teammates.

I have a question: Can you win the NBA championship without a “superstar?” I’m sure there are teams who have done it, perhaps most recently, the 2004 Detroit Pistons.

With D on the bench, the Bulls currently lack a superstar. Jo has shown, by his play and his leadership this season that he’s a star. But Jo is not the guy you can count on for 35 to 40 points/night.

So it’s score by committee, just like they have to rebound by committee. Having developed a game plan on the charter flight from Boston to Chicago, the Celtics contained D.J. There goes 33 points.

Whereas the Spurs, Heat, OKC, Clippers know where they’re going to get their points, the Bulls never really do.

But thankfully, last night, the elusive offense materialized. This time, it was the Dunleavy show, as he led with 22. And despite the fact that Boozer gets a bad rap, you know what, he consistently gives them 10+/night.

Last night, Boozer had 16. Jo with 19. Taj with 15. JB with 18. That’s called spreading the wealth. Or survival. Or scoring by committee.

My basketball world was perfect last night, or as perfect as it can be when you get excited about a Heat win! And it’s only because they beat the Oh Canada! Raptors, who just won’t go away and step aside, allowing the Bulls’ to take their rightful third place in the East!

UConn women got the W, but not in usual fashion, only winning by 15 (69 to 54 over Texas A&M). Uff da!

And we love our Bulls, not just because they beat the Celtics 2X, but because their fans, unlike those of the Pacers, don’t boo them. Even though the Pacers are rivals, I still do not wish the hometown booing on any team.

After the Spurs demolished the Pacers, I guess the fans were booing so much that even the Spurs felt bad: “My heart was kind of breaking for them,” said Spurs forward Jeff Ayres, who played the previous two seasons with Indiana. “I kind of felt for them.”

You know it’s time for the second season to start when baseball takes a front seat to basketball and hockey. And it’s so pointless, Chicago baseball, although the White Sox mustered up a win on opening day, the Cubs, not so much.

Another reason we’re thankful for our Bulls. They’re not the Cubs.

It’s on to not-so-hot anymore Hotlanta for a meeting with the Hawks on Wednesday.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Hawks.

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