Blame it on the jerseys, or the luck of the Irish

Sigh. Bulls lose to OKC last night 97 to 85.

They were in it, really they were, until their offense stalled in the fourth, and the true offensive juggernaut, the Thunder took over, with their big three.

I’m going to go all LeBron on you and just blame it on the jerseys. It’s well-documented, LBJ doesn’t like the short sleeves, and cited a cause and effect between some recent poor shooting on the dreaded sleeves.

Add to the issue of the sleeves the green color, making the Bulls look like the Celtics, and this year, that’s not a good thing.

The Bulls finish the six-game home stand 3-3, which down deep, is the record I had hoped for. But it sure would have been nice to end on a high note, on national TV with even a one-point victory versus one of the best in the West.

“Disappointing,” Noah said. “Try to sleep this one off and move on.”

Now it’s four games against two teams – away for 76ers and Giants (Pacers) this week and then home for Pacers and 76ers next week. I am hoping for a record of 3-1 coming out of this stretch, and would someone just do something about those Raptors? Why don’t they ever lose?

And now they’re almost back to full strength, with their injured mascot, The Raptor set to return on March 23 after being out since October with an ACL injury. With that kind of distraction, Oh Canada! is sure to lose some games as the fans will be so enthralled with The Raptor’s return to the court that they forget to cheer for their team, leading to certain defeat.

What can I say? I’m desperate.

Meantime, despite my lower body (left foot) injury of an unspecified nature, I practiced some set shots this morning. I believe my presence on the court could be just the kind of distraction Thibs and the Bulls are looking for.

Yesterday, as Dad texted, it was “See Red Green!”

But that didn’t serve the Bulls too well, so it’s back to –

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the 76ers.


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