Anything but brilliant, ImposterBulls lose badly to Brooklyn

I had hoped that we wouldn’t see the ImposterBulls again this season. They over-stayed their welcome last season, and unfortunately, were called upon a lot, especially to play in many of those holiday games.

But with the way the Bulls have been winning as of late, becoming the “darlings” of the League, well, I thought the ImposterBulls had been given their walking papers. This game vs. the Nets was just an innocent Monday night game at a normal start time.

Me, Cindy Joy “Cinjo” Olsen, with about 24 basketball lessons under my belt and a lot of practice, well, not to brag, but I guarantee you I could have played better.

My guess is Jo’s belated birthday celebration in NYC on Sunday night involved the entire team running with his wolf pack. Having failed to recover from the celebratory shenanigans, the Bulls had no other choice than to dispatch the ImposterBulls to the Barclays Center.

On Sunday, the Bulls were setting records, causing complete embarrassment for the Knicks, enjoying tweets from other players (Kevin Love tweeting about Jo’s passing ability).

And Monday night, just a few hours before this Bulls Brooklyn bust, they were getting all of the air time on the Starters. It’s Taj for sixth man, Taj for most improved, Jo for MVP, Thibs for Coach of the Year. Benny the Bull for Entertainer of the Year.

Then they start off the Brooklyn game with 3 turnovers, I think in the first minute. At that rate, they should have finished the game with 144.

Be thankful for small miracles – ONLY 28 turnovers, leading to 30 Nets points. But they only had three turnovers in the entire game vs. the Knicks, and that was just a day prior.

Night and day. Black and white. Diametrically opposed. Polar Vortex. Oops, I mean, polar opposite.

So, in case you hadn’t guessed, this Bulls blogger is riled up. She didn’t want to hear another Thibs speech about readiness.

And reading “Bumbling Bulls” on my Bleacher Report team stream, well it put me over the edge.

Obviously, the Bulls players are not reading my blog, because I already re-visited Thibs’ admonition in my last tome: “If they say we’re playing at midnight on the roof, you should be saying let’s get the ladders.”

Thankfully, the game was not on national television, and you’re going to hear this once and once only, but thank goodness that other guy (LeBron) managed to score 60+ points so everyone was talking and tweeting about him, and the Bulls’ getting blown out in Brooklyn likely got lost in the shuffle.

I guess the Nets are still upset over the Christmas Day Pajama Party fiasco, or potentially, they remembered how the Bulls trounced them last year despite having players who were either on the verge of being hospitalized (Luol), running on one foot (Jo), playing with the flu (Nate) or out of the game for some other health reason which I can’t remember (Captain Kirk).

While the Nets were all healthy!!!!

So I strongly advise that everyone refrain from asking me about this game. I disavow all knowledge of it. It’s dead to me.

Let’s hope the rather sorry excuse for a team, the ImposterBulls are moving along, stepping aside and the Bulls re-join us on Wednesday for a victory vs. the Pistons at the Palace in Auburn Hills.

See Red!

Bring back our Bulls!


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