Another night, another Western Conference foe, another Bulls win

How do the bloggers for OKC, Spurs, Pacers and “those other guys” (H E A T) do it? I mean, there’s only so many ways you can spin the stories about all of these wins. It can become rather exhausting to invent an exciting storyline for win #17 or win #25.

But I gladly welcome the challenge, and last night in Dallas, with Mark Cuban in the front row competing with Thibs in the “I can yell louder at the refs than you can game,” our Bulls overcame a 16-point deficit to defeat yet another Western Conference team 100 to 91.

So that brings the Bulls’ win streak to three games…I think I can power through it.

The coaches seemed to have summed it up best:

Thibs: “We are an offensive juggernaut.”*

Mavs Coach Rick Carlisle “Some nights teams miss shots and you have to hang in with grit, guts, defense and rebounding. Weird thing about it was we were in front most of the first half and we let them climb back into it with grit and guts and rebounding.”

No, I don’t think the NBA teams leading in points scored/game (Blazers, Clippers, [insert another Western Conference team here], Rockets, Timerwolves…] have anything to worry about. The Bulls are not going to displace you on the list any time soon.

The Bulls still remain #30 in the League in points/game. Folks, there are 30 teams in the NBA. Even I can do that math.

Side note: The fact that I’m even writing about stats is frightening. That I spend time on the stats section of, well, didn’t see that coming. I think I could be in over my head.

Yet, if anything, the Bulls’ defeat of Dallas in Dallas reinforced the themes which have emerged this year – about confidence, one for all and all for one, resiliency, and as Jo likes to keep adding to the list – the adversity.


Taj: “We didn’t panic; guys understood what we have to do. We’ve been in the situation all year; guys don’t flinch.”

Jo: “When you deal with all the adversity we’ve been through this year, it makes your group that much tougher and stronger.”

JB: “We’re tough when we’re playing defense, rotating, getting into the ball. That’s where the basketball starts for us. We let our defense dictate our offense. You get stops going into the fourth quarter, challenge shots and rebound and you can have a good chance on winning.”

And speaking of Jimmy, he got the defensive play of the game, and had Stacey (King) screaming, “Get that outta here. Jimmy Butler came outta nowhere. Let’s call Jimmy the Windex man ’cause he’s cleaning the glass.” Jimmy Butler swats Calderon’s shot.

Mike Dunleavy, or as Thibs likes to pronounce his name, for some unknown reason, “Dunlevee” “I think we’ve always had grit and resiliency. But now it’s become a matter of belief. We go out there every night and believe we know how to win a game. We defend, keep it under 90 points, most likely, and our offense is going to give us a big shot to win it. I think that’s the biggest difference between now and 30 games ago. We were always a tough minded group. Now we believe.”

Thibs: “I think there’s a commitment by each player to each other to not let the group down. And that’s when something special can happen. Who knows where the ceiling is with our team?”

So the Bulls winning machine powers on, and the biggest secondary plot to the story last night was Jo giving one of the rooks, Tony Snell  a “look” after he refused to chest bump him. I’m not sure I’m really qualified to comment on chest bumping – why, why not, when, how, etc.

But Jo feels bad, and tweeted: “I love my rooks. They work their arses off. We will work on our celebrations tony. Don’t trip. Stay up lil homie. Lol.”

Well, not exactly sure that’s what Bulls PR would recommend, but Jo gave it his old unique college try.

Now tomorrow (Sunday), get your coffee makers going because we’ve got an early one, a noon CST tip-off against the Knicks. Oh, and I heard Melo hurt his hand. Maybe the Bulls can hold them to 60 points and get 100 on the scoreboard themselves. After all, the Bulls are becoming rather well-known for being an offensive juggernaut.

*Note: That was a joke.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Knicks.


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