With no answer for D.J. Augustin, Bulls beat Celtics 107 to 102

He’s been called the season saver, and now add to that, game saver. So D.J. scores a career high 33 points (16 in Q4), comparable to the UConn men, hits all 10 of his free throws, and has the media waiting as his locker for post-game interviews.

And to think, before the Bulls picked him up in mid-December – hardly anyone knew his name.

There’s a life lesson here, about perseverance and believing in yourself. And importantly, about others believing in you and team spirit and togetherness.

In all reality, without D.J., the Bulls could be in the Celtics’ shoes, or sneakers, on the other end of the Eastern Conference. But because of him, the Bulls are in the upper half, and the top quarter, to be exact.

I’ll give the Celtics fans credit – they showed up, and I like to think Bulls fans would do the same. But when you know you’re not going to make the playoffs, it must take some wherewithal to bring it every night.

Just be thankful D.J. put this career-defining game together, because at half time, the only headline I had come up with was, “If I wanted two dozen turnovers, I would have gone to a bakery.”

See, D.J. saves the day again. But the food theme really could have worked, with Stacey King’s “He’s setting the table, all you gotta do is sit down and eat,” or something to that effect, every time Jo’s pass to a teammate led to a basket.

Although D.J. did score one third of the Bulls’ points, channeling his best Melo and KD, let’s not forget that Boozer had 14, and got them going early. I think I might have seen a dunk too, although these old eyes sometimes do fail me.

And the triple double watch was underway for Jo…again…with the 13 points and 13 assists for #13, along with 8 rebounds. Dunleavy 11, Hinrich, 11, JB, 15.

The Bulls offense made a rare appearance, but the defense, not so good.

“Every time we got a four or five-point lead we seem to have a turnover or we had some sequences where I thought we blocked out and we didn’t go after the ball,” said Thibodeau. “Those are things,..three guys thought the other guy had it and they start running. Those are the things we got to eliminate.”

So while the Bulls get their house in order with figuring out, by tonight’s rematch, how to run after the loose balls and get the offensive rebounds, I guess the Celtics will devise a game plan to stop D.J.

See what happens next, as the Bulls take on the Celtics at the UC tonight.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Celtics (again).


Despite loss to Trail Blazers, Bulls clinch playoff berth, and UConn men win!

When I went to bed after watching the Bulls’ dismal performance vs. the Trail Blazers, I was anything but a happy birthday girl. When Thibs waved the white flag and sent Jimmer in, I knew it was over.

But we are familiar with the Bulls’ ineptitude with holiday games. Remember, don’t expect a win on any of the following days – New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, St. Patrick’s Day.

Given my birthday obviously ranks up there with all of the aforementioned holidays, we should have known it would be a rough night!

Then, add to it the three-day break. The Bulls are better when they play at 7 p.m. local time, and every other day. What exactly were they doing for the three days? Has Thibs forgotten the shooting and layup drills? CMO!

Thankfully, I had the UConn men’s basketball game to watch, and you know what I like about them? They make baskets. Right, they must have gotten some coaching from the UConn women, because they were looking good, and it’s on to the Elite Eight. Go Huskies!

Conversely, the Bulls threw the ball anywhere but in the basket. Honestly, foot boot and all, I could have shot better. OK, that’s called exaggeration.

“Offensively we were just so bad,” acknowledged Dunleavy.

Jo: “We got beat in every aspect of the game. No excuses. We didn’t have the edge we usually do. Maybe the (three-day) break did something; maybe it didn’t. We’re disappointed, but we’ve go to bounce back.”

In reading Sam Smith’s blog on bulls.com, Bulls clinch playoff berth but don’t celebrate, I started to feel a little bit better.


And though making the playoff has been taken for granted for weeks, it wasn’t after the last time the Bulls played the Trailblazers, back in late November when Derrick Rose suffered his season ending knee injury. The Bulls then went into a month long dive that saw them lose 11 of their next 14 games.

The sentiment in the community seemed overwhelming to effectively throw the season, to purposely lose for a draft pick.

Then just as the Bulls were beginning to recover with five wins in their next seven games to get within four games of .500, the team traded the popular Luol Deng, who’d emerged as the team’s leading scorer in Rose’s absence.

There are not many teams that can survive losing their two top scorers, and in that fashion. It did seem, to many, like the team was giving up. No one would have blamed them at that time. And, in fact, few believed the Bulls were a playoff team any longer. Rumors swirled of multiple players being dumped for draft picks. Questions circulated among even the players about whether all the work was worth it with everything going on around them.

But coach Tom Thibodeau never wavered, that this was a team that could and would compete.

And the character of the players would not allow them to give less than their best no matter what anyone else believed or suggested.

I started to think about the similarities between the Bulls and the UConn men. Remember, they were banned last year. That’s probably what Jo would call “adversity.”

“We were banned from a lot of things,” Coach Kevin Ollie said. “We couldn’t come here for the tournament, but they weren’t banned from loving and pushing and encouraging each other, and that’s what it’s all about. Those dark times, if you don’t give up in the dark times, it will reverse, the wind will start going in your favor, your direction.

“And I think that’s what’s happened now.”

So on one night, my birthday, our Bulls hit a bump in the road, but the Huskies prevail. I’ll take it, because we know better times are ahead for our Bulls.

After all, things improved overnight, with the Knicks’ loss to the Suns, securing the Bulls a spot in the playoffs. Why is it the Knicks are always part of the conversation? Even when losing? Ah, probably a topic bloggers smarter than me need to assess.

For now, it’s on to Boston for the Celtics on Sunday and back in CHI for the Celtics again on Monday. Not exactly the Bulls’ preferred schedule, but I’ve put too many calls into Adam Silver already, I better just hope the Bulls remember how to shoot by then, and given 7 p.m. local time starts, we could see two wins!

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Celtics! (2X).

Notes: Nice to see Rip Hamilton at the UConn game sitting next to Jim Calhoun. The Bulls have 10 games left, and only one (hallelujah!) vs. a Western Conference team – the Timberwolves.

Taji Woo leads Bulls to victory against Pacers in 15-round slugfest

The Bulls and Pacers agree they don’t like each other very much, but no one wants to admit that they’re rivals. Can you be rivals when just one team (the Bulls) feel that way and they other doesn’t?

It’s the same with those other guys (the Heat). They don’t want to admit the Bulls are rivals, but rather, say things like “we don’t like each other very much” or “we’re headed into enemy territory.”

But to me, it seems that these are two of the biggest rivalries in the NBA this season, and they’ve been brewing over the past several years. Last season, when the Bulls went to MSG, it was always the “Friday Night Fight,” but it’s hard to consider the Knicks rivals when they’re too busy choosing between an April 17 departure to Hawaii or Cancun. Or perhaps their new president will hold a retreat at his Montana estate for bonding and the like.

The Bulls came to play last night. On the first play, Jo knocked the ball away from Hibbert. And it kind of went on from there. Oh, and Jo is going to have to get treatment for all of the clapping.

Jimmy Butler, the new Ironman must have needed a bit of rest, and he got it with his three fouls, but that didn’t stop him from drawing a technical, along with his sparring partner, David West for some animated “chatting.”

But Taj really led the team to victory. He fouled out during the last game at Indiana, and then proceeded to accuse the Pacers of flopping. He was not a happy camper.

But in this game, his dunk off a Jimmy Butler miss and subsequent celebratory stalk down the length of the court kind of signified his overall performance. It was like that on every play. Taji Woo led all scorers, with 23, and grabbed eight rebounds. And that’s coming off the bench!

As Bulls radio play-by-play man Chuck Swirsky said post-game, “Just give him sixth man of the year right now.”

Great to see Taj get interviewed here: NBA Arena Link: Taj Gibson March 24, 2014. It’s not TMZ, but it’ll have to do.

As always, though, they needed everybody to get the 89-77 victory over the Pacers. Captain Kirk, bloody lip aside, grabbed the ball right outta Paul George’s hands, and he was just relentless, with 18 points.

While Jo might not have been in the spotlight quite as much given “Monster Taj,” he was no slacker. Jo had 10 points, eight rebounds, eight assists, four steals and three blocked shots in 35 minutes of play.

What? Only 35 minutes. Has Thibs forgotten how to count? Nah, foul trouble for Jo too.

Taj: “I was feeding off of Joakim. It’s a part of the game when you play a rival. I was just having fun.”

See, Taj admits it’s a rivalry. Call it what you will, Pacers. See you in the second round, or better yet, in the Eastern Conference finals.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Trail Blazers.

Game Notes: Stacey King had the both the poster machine AND the flop machine running during the game.

Bulls get the win, but that’s not good enough

The Bulls defeat the poor 76ers, handing them their 24th loss in a row, but after the game, the focus was not on the victory.

Instead, Thibs and his disciples all commiserated about the Bulls’ recent, and somewhat surprising lack of success in the areas on which they typically hang their hats.

Yup, rebounding, getting to loose balls, hustle plays, well, not good enough. The good teams are beating them in these areas, and so are the “bad” ones, like the hapless, yet well-meaning 76ers.

First, let me say, that I think the 76ers are a class act. They were getting after the Bulls, and never, never, ever give up. Each and every one of players had a good attitude, and the post-game hugs and hand shakes between the teams, the coaches  seemed genuine. So I really hope they improve next year, but of course, just stay out of our way.

I guess now that Thibs can breathe a sigh of relief that these Bulls, under his watch, were not the ones who got beat by the worst team in the league – he feels it the opportune time to say what he really thinks.

“I am (concerned),” said Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. “Furthermore, I’m always concerned. You’re not going to be great every game. But now we have to change it. To do the things we want to do, we’ve got to be great defensively. We have to be great in our rebounding. We have to do better than what we do now. We’re capable of being great. We’re going to have to put more into it.”

And his proteges agreed:

“We could play better than we are playing now,” agreed Jo. “We won tonight; it’s a good feeling. But at the same time (to) be critical about what we can do better and get ready for the postseason.”

“Guys at times, plays are broken, defense breaks down, including myself,” Taj said “That’s what happens when you are fatigued late in the season. But with a coach like Thibs, he tells you to lock in and he challenges you every time. We’ve just got to get better with it. No excuses come playoff time. Like he said, everyone has to straighten your games up right now. You can’t wait for playoff time.”

With Thibs at the helm, hopefully, they can right the ship, and fast “This is the time of the year you get your house in order,” said Thibs. “You want to be playing great down the stretch, build those habits.”

Twelve games left in the regular season, with the Pacers vs. Bulls in a payback game at the UC on Monday night. Indeed, it’s the home stretch, and we’re all eagerly awaiting the postseason, the real season, the second season.

In a year when the Bulls were expected to join their Philly counterparts in the basement, we can all take heart that their greatest concerns are fixing the rebounding and securing the #3 spot in the East. Not a bad place to be, but they can always do better. And it starts tomorrow night!

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the Pacers.

1 outta 3 ain’t bad. Or is it?

1. The Bulls lost to the Pacers last night. And yes, it was one of those games. The kind where you either have to look away entirely and watch NCIS re-runs, or do like I did, and turn off the volume, then check your iPhone for the two other key NBA outcomes.

2. It was critical that the 76ers beat those Knicks. Why so important you ask?

Listen, the Bulls have to play the 76ers again tonight (Saturday), and I feel bad for this team. That rookie Carter-Williams. Well, I like the kid. In fact, when the Bulls defeated the 76ers on Wednesday night, handing them their 22nd straight loss, I felt sorry for them. They played hard, and even gave the Bulls some fits and scares. I’ll confess – I kinda like the way they play together. Egads. I sound like Thibs.

But I got over the Bulls’ defeating the 76ers quickly. This is, after all, a fight to advance up the Eastern Conference standings for our Bulls, to their rightful place – #3 (just this year, when DRose is back, rightful place is #1).

So last night, I really really wanted the 76ers to beat the Knicks. This way, the Bulls won’t have to hand them their 24th straight when they meet again tonight.

So today is Benny the Bull’s birthday. You know what that means. The roof is gonna be blown off the UC. If our Bulls cannot pull off a victory tonight, well, both Thibs and I might both be quitting this thing.

3. The Raptors needed an L last night so the Bulls don’t lose any ground to them in the quest to #3. Thankfully, you can count on KD and his game-winning shot in double OT and 155 points, or whatever he scored.

We didn’t want our Bulls to lose (they did); we didn’t want the 76ers to lose (they did too), but at least the Raptors got it right (Oh Canada!).

Instead of throwing one of my tantrums, giving most two-year olds a run for their money, I’ve decided – let’s be thankful.

1.) The Bulls are in fourth in the East, a higher seed than they finished last year.

2.) D.J. Augustin continues to impress, and against one of his former teams, the Pacers, with something to prove, had 17 points, tied for Bulls’ leading scorer with JB, who, by the way, played 45 minutes 21 seconds. I’m tired just typing that.

3.) DRose aside, the Bulls are healthy.

4.) It’s Benny the Bull’s birfday!

5.) The Bulls have successfully established themselves as the team no one wants to face in the playoffs. And that’s not a bad place to be.

Now, if only they can find a way to address the scoring “droughts” which have really become their biggest obstacle.

And I’m not going to be much help, as I’ll be joining DRose on the bench for a while. Let’s hope that one of us is ready to go in time for the playoffs.

Cindy Joy "Cinjo" Olsen inactive as of March 21, 2014 with stress fracture to left foot.
Cindy Joy “Cinjo” Olsen inactive as of March 21, 2014 with stress fracture to left foot.

Blame it on the jerseys, or the luck of the Irish

Sigh. Bulls lose to OKC last night 97 to 85.

They were in it, really they were, until their offense stalled in the fourth, and the true offensive juggernaut, the Thunder took over, with their big three.

I’m going to go all LeBron on you and just blame it on the jerseys. It’s well-documented, LBJ doesn’t like the short sleeves, and cited a cause and effect between some recent poor shooting on the dreaded sleeves.

Add to the issue of the sleeves the green color, making the Bulls look like the Celtics, and this year, that’s not a good thing.

The Bulls finish the six-game home stand 3-3, which down deep, is the record I had hoped for. But it sure would have been nice to end on a high note, on national TV with even a one-point victory versus one of the best in the West.

“Disappointing,” Noah said. “Try to sleep this one off and move on.”

Now it’s four games against two teams – away for 76ers and Giants (Pacers) this week and then home for Pacers and 76ers next week. I am hoping for a record of 3-1 coming out of this stretch, and would someone just do something about those Raptors? Why don’t they ever lose?

And now they’re almost back to full strength, with their injured mascot, The Raptor set to return on March 23 after being out since October with an ACL injury. With that kind of distraction, Oh Canada! is sure to lose some games as the fans will be so enthralled with The Raptor’s return to the court that they forget to cheer for their team, leading to certain defeat.

What can I say? I’m desperate.

Meantime, despite my lower body (left foot) injury of an unspecified nature, I practiced some set shots this morning. I believe my presence on the court could be just the kind of distraction Thibs and the Bulls are looking for.

Yesterday, as Dad texted, it was “See Red Green!”

But that didn’t serve the Bulls too well, so it’s back to –

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat the 76ers.

Bulls continue their winning ways behind Stick Stickity’s MVP-like performance

It’s usually the Bulls’ west coast trips which cause concern, as they take the show on the road when the circus and Disney on Ice take up residence in the UC.

But this six-game home stand has generated almost as much buzz, given the Bulls played host to 5 Western Conference teams and those other guys (the Heat). Surprising to some, but not to yours truly, the results are turning out to be more successful than anyone could ever have imagined.

Your Chicago Bulls have won 3 and lost 2, with just one game left – the “easy” finish against OKC on St. Patrick’s Day, green Bulls’ jerseys and all.

So they beat the current NBA Champs (Miami), the Houston Rockets, and most recently, last night, the Sacramento Kings. The losses were to the Grizzlies (that one the Bulls coulda woulda shoulda won) and the Spurs. Not too shabby an outcome, given the caliber and standing of these teams.

The Bulls tend to lose to the Kings on the road, by anywhere from 30 to 40 points, playing at the Sleep Train Arena. I contend that’s the reason right there. Seriously? No wonder they keep the name of that place intact. How do opponents even stand a chance?

Last night, Bulls vs. Kings at the UC, I was trying to follow the score on my iPhone while in the midst of a world-changing game of Pay Day. I went over to “help” my friend Deborah babysit for her niece and nephew.

My contribution was bringing the Mandy B’s cupcakes and providing the entertainment, following the Pay Day game, when I tried to name the artists/titles of songs the 11-year old girl played on Spotify. My answers were limited to Pink, Rhianna, Lady Gaga and Robin Thicke and “I have no response to that” when it came to the song titles.

It looks like the Bulls found a way to win without me, and as I re-joined the game, already in progress with two minutes left in the third, I was happy to see they were keeping it close.

As with the Rockets, and even the Spurs, I really have no reason to hate these Kings. They’re just big, and I would venture to say Thibs would say “he’s a load down there” when speaking about any of their big men in the post.

It felt a little like the UC transformed into the Sleep Train, with the slow pace and all of the fouls. But given the crowd had been out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day since 8 a.m. or maybe 10:30 a.m. at the latest, perhaps the slow pace allowed them to keep up.

What can you say about Joakim? Finally, a Bulls storyline that doesn’t include “DRose” or “out for the season” in it. Jo, the consummate professional, leader and true team player always deflects the praise away from himself, and says he doesn’t like the MVP chants.

So there’s been talk of chanting his nickname, “Stick Stickity” instead. I kind of like it.

To beat the Kings, it did take more than Jo and his 23 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists, 5 blocks, 3 steals. It took Taj, back to his old self following the food poisoning, who cleaned the glass as they like to say, and contributed 19 points and 9 rebounds. Dunleavy had 16, DJ added 12 and Hinrich 10.

“Statistically, you can’t measure [Jo’s] true value to our team,” coach Tom Thibodeau said. “All the things he does helps us win. That’s the most important statistic there is.”

In all of the post-game stories (Sam Smith, K.C. Johnson, CSNChicago), there was a common theme, when it comes to the Kings. Words like lollygagging, casual, distraction (DeMarcus Cousins); selfish, score-first (Isaiah Thomas – no relation to former Pistons Bad Boy Isiah Thomas). And to describe the team itself, words like immature and boneheaded.

The Bulls, with their team first mentality, and since the calendar turned to 2014, their winning ways, are anything but selfish, casual and boneheaded.

They’ve brought one of the most unexpected and inspiring turnarounds to a season the media, and fans alike wrote off as lost. I guess somebody forgot to tell Jo, our MVP. Oops, I mean, Stick Stickity.

The Bulls are quietly, or not so quietly, climbing their way to #3 in the Eastern Conference, and have the reputation for being the opponent no one wants to meet in the playoffs. Not a bad place to be, for the team which was slated to begin planning its mid-April trips to Cancun and Maui, along with counterparts from the Bucks and 76ers.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

Beat OKC.

Superman, the Beard no match for the Tornado, the Secretary of Defense, and the Captain

And add Mike “all I need are 10 stitches and I’ll score 21” Dunleavy, but I couldn’t fit it in the headline.

As Neil Funk likes to say, the happy final – Bulls 111, Houston 87. A blowout? Maybe not if you’re the UConn women, but we’ll take it.

I’m a bit fearful that Thibs is going to start sending guys to the locker room for unnecessary stitches and minor surgeries when he saw Dunleavy light it up after his “questionable return” resulted in a very real return, and one you could liken to a shooting clinic.

Actually, in the post-game press conference, Sam Smith asked Thibs what he thought about Dunleavy coming back after the stitches. Thibs said, “I’m all for it.”

Then Sam inquired as to whether or not Dunleavy had a concussion test. Thibs kinda laughed and said “I hope so” or “I think so.”

Patrick “Sharpie” Sharp, Chicago Blackhawks player extraordinaire, Stanley Cup Champion and gold medal Olympian was seated in a prime spot on the floor, and his mere presence seemed to have energized our Bulls, convincing them upper and/or lower body injuries are not to be feared.

Then the poster machine got cranking, with the Taj Gibson (Secretary of Defense) dunk over former teammate and evidently now enemy Omer Asik.

Captain Kirk with 19 points, including 5 for 6 3-pointers. Boozer got them going early, and finished with 18, and Jo and his tornado missed the triple double by 1 assist! JB was in double figures, with 11, and defended everybody, the Beard.

The Bulls were embarrassed earlier this week versus another Texas team, so bad in fact, that I had to watch re-runs of Rizzoli & Isles as the game was too painful. As Kirk said, “We ran into a buzz saw against San Antonio.”

We can all take heart that our Bulls have re-discovered themselves, and got the big win on national TV no less. This is contrary to the Rockets, who tweeted a photo of themselves indulging in some deep dish pizza at Gino’s East yesterday.

No one warned them all of the cheese can cause sluggishness. Oops.

Or maybe our Bulls are just better.

Tonight, they were.

See Red!

Go Bulls!

[Game Notes: Big Macs for everyone. Thibs sat down.]

Bulls triumph over Heat in chaotic battle at the UC

Bulls Banter author Cindy Joy "Cinjo" Olsen at the Bulls vs. Heat game March 9, 2014.
Bulls Banter author Cindy Joy “Cinjo” Olsen at the Bulls vs. Heat game March 9, 2014.

One of my goals was to attend a playoff game this season. I accomplished that yesterday, as I was one of 22,028 in attendance at the UC as the Bulls defeated those other guys (the Heat) 95 to 88.

Right. We just sprang ahead an hour this weekend, not two months, but for me, the United Center felt like what I imagined a playoff game would be.

Taj Gibson called it a chaotic battle. That’s Taj who hadn’t eaten for three days due to the flu, who grabbed 10 rebounds and had a monster jam over poor Chalmers.

The booing exception came into play, as I readily participated, with the rest of the fans, to greet the Heat during introductions. And then of course, whenever they attempted a free throw or picked up a foul, or whenever LeBron had the ball.

But the volume of cheers for our Bulls was through the roof, and Joakim Noah in particular, during this “playoff game in March,” which mattered to the Bulls a whole lot more than a nonchalant Heat squad, who, given who they are, don’t need to get hyped up with the hate in their heart.

We all know as Jo goes, so goes the Bulls. He called out his team for lacking passion during the last game, on February 23, when the Bulls lost to the Heat in Miami.

“This is what you play basketball for. I’m loving it; I’m having a great time. I’m having a blast out there. Beating Miami. I don’t care if it’s regular season; it’s always special,” Jo said post-game.

“We want what they’ve got, and we have to go through those guys to get to it,” Noah said. “They’ve ended our seasons a lot. That’s where the hate comes from. It’s not like, ‘I hate this guy.’ The hate comes from, we want what they have. I want a championship, and I know that to get there one day we have to go through them. That’s the hatred.”

“You look at all the ups and downs we go through. We’ve got so many different injuries. We’ve got so many different guys every year. We’ve got new groups of guys but they always seem to buy into what we like to do. … And we just keep flourishing every year,” Taj said.

LeBron was right about one thing. He said he watched the Bulls vs. Grizzlies game Friday night (before he went out club-hopping here in CHI at Y-Bar and the Underground). Wow! He watched…getting ready for his next opponent, I guess. And he said the Bulls didn’t play the Grizzlies for 48 minutes like they played the Heat.


Taj: “We don’t like them at all. They’ve got what we want. This was like a street ballgame. They’re talking and we’re talking. They’re physical and we’re physical. Could you hear Jo on the foul line? He was talking to each and every one of them, telling ’em, ‘Not tonight, not here! It ain’t going down like that tonight!’ Jo feels how we all feel about them. … Look, we’re a blue-collar team and we take pride in leaving it out there every single night … but we see [their] jerseys and there’s so much fire … we see everything they’ve got that we want … the rings, the trophies. That’s what this league is about, going after the champs.”

While Jo brought the emotion, the rest of the team brought it too – booth offensively and defensively.

D.J. with 22 points, Taj with 7 and the 10 rebounds (with the flu). Kirk with his stellar defense and the basket to tie it up in regulation. Jimmy guarding LeBron, keeping him from the free throw line and blocking that shot at the end of regulation to force the OT.

Playing with that intensity for all 82 games is not humanly possible. Cheering, screaming, hooting and hollering (and booing) like I did yesterday. Well, let’s just say I was spent.

It’s a good thing the Heat playoff games only come around four times during regular season and then again in the post-season. That, I think I can handle.

So have we seen the last of them? Or is it Bulls Heat in the second round of the playoffs, or dare I say, Eastern Conference Finals? For now, let’s just say, that anything is possible. And I, for one, will always remember that special Sunday in March when the Bulls triumphed, on National TV, against their most hated rivals.

The feeling may not be mutual, but they’re probably just too Hollywood to admit it anyway.

Notes: K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reported that Jo was heard singing in the shower while about 40 members of the media waited to interview him after the game. JB played 47 minutes 50 seconds, the most of any player, and scored 18 points and took down 11 rebounds.

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