It’s the NBA, and anything can happen

Last night (Wednesday), the Bulls beat the Warriors 103 to 83, the Cavs beat the Thunder, and the Nets lost by 44 to the Trail Blazers.

In other news, pigs flew, it was 60 degrees in Chicago, I balanced my checkbook and also assembled some furniture I bought from IKEA without dialing 911.

When it comes to our Bulls, Captain Kirk and his defensive moves held Steph Curry to five points, and the other half of the Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson only had eight. LOL.

Not to be boastful, but none of the Warriors’ starters scored in double figures. Contrast that to the Bully Bullys, with Dunleavy, Boozer, JB and Taj with double digit scoring.

To say that the victory was satisfying is an understatement. Hey, I’m pretty good too, as a non-moving shooting guard. As are many of these West Coast players, when no one contests them.

When the Warriors trounced the Bulls on a West Coast trip about which we’d prefer to disavow all knowledge, and which was on too late so I couldn’t watch anyway – evidently – Curry scored 34.

Payback time.

Taj described Kirk as relentless. “Kirk set the tone with his pressure and tenacity,” Joakim Noah said.

“He gives you that toughness all the time,” Thibodeau said. “That’s why I always say with Kirk: You can never measure his true value by statistics. He sets the tone for the team with his defense and ball pressure.”

And the fact that the Bulls won handily, by 20 points, with a total of 103, which is the Warriors’ season average. Well, this stuff just makes me way too happy.

On a lighter note, in this must-see video, Arena Link: Joakim Noah February 26, 2014, Jo talks about Kirk’s dominance in the Warriors win, and discusses his own nickname, “Stick Stickity,” which Shaq said he’s going to take worldwide. Jo also covers playing in the Polar Vortex (CHI), where, evidently, there’s lots of adversity.

Tomorrow night (Friday) the Bulls take their two-game win streak to Dallas, and I’m a little nervous because I’ll be out for a steak dinner and unable to watch the game until the second half. Let’s hope the Bulls can win one without me.

See Red!

Go Bulls!


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