No One Ever Said This Was Gonna Be Pretty – Part 29

The Bulls defeated the not-so-hot Hotlanta Hawks last night, 107 to 103, as those pretenders are being put back in their place.

This one was the opposite of pretty. Yes, downright ugly, and in this part 29, in honor of Jo’s 29th birthday, we saw lots of mistakes, mis-steps, bad inbound passes, stepping out of bounds, throwing the ball to a teammate on the bench. You name it, it happened.

But remember, this is the East. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – the records are just as ugly as the play. I’ve been trying to think of a pretty “finesse” team from our beloved Eastern Conference. Now just leave the 76ers and Bucks out of it. But would you call the Nets and/or their play pretty? The Cavs? Wait, I thought of one. The Magic. Big Baby Davis is gone, so will they be beautifying now?

Maybe Melo and his 40-60 points/night and the allure of MSG and Spike Lee and the upgraded menu and star sightings make the Knicks the pretty team. But they never really win, so…

When you’re with the Bulls, you trade your Prada for a lunch pail and your Dior for a hard hat.

The bottom line – the Bulls got the W, and both Thibs and the Hawks’ coach, Bud somebody used about 7 guys each. Budman actually spent significant time on the floor during the game in Q4, so they seemed to really have used 8 players.

With Lu long gone, Jimmy with his rib issue and Thibs refusing to play anyone named Murph or Toko, he decided to employ an effective and reasonable strategy of leaving Dunleavy in for 47:51 minutes. I’m sure he’ll have fresh legs tonight when the Bulls are at the UC to play Golden State.

Dunleavy joked about thanking Thibodeau for “resting” him for the final nine seconds of the first half: “That made a big difference.”

After seeing that, Jimmy is going to have to claim some of his other ribs hurt too. Bad. Real bad.

When it comes down to it, I don’t care how pretty is was. The Bulls won, on Jo’s birfday, and double figure scoring for everyone (except Big Naz). And while D.J. had a rough shooting night, as Thibs likes to say, “there’s other things you can do.” I think D.J.’s buzzer-beater counts. And if you ever lack enthusiasm, just listen to Stacey on this call, and you will have no choice but to feel at least a tad bit more enthusiastic.

Bulls win!

See Red!

Beat the Warriors!


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